Sora and Ryan made it to Gravity Fall and they saw Dipper surrounded by Dream Eater

Mabel: Dipper, what are they!?

He check in the Journal


Then Sora and Ryan saved them

Dipper: Phew, thanks! I never seen those Creature that Bill Cipher did.

Sora: Yeah, so what's happening?

Mabel: Bill, is trying to take over Gravity Fall and we have to stop him before it's too late.

Ryan: Looks like you need our help.

Dipper: Well, okay. You can help us.

They went off and they found Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher: Well, well, well. Dipper and his friend's are here to stop me.

Ryan: You won't take over Gravity Fall!

Bill Cipher: Oh yeah? Try me!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Dipper: Phew, thank you for saving Gravity Fall.

Ryan: No Problem, bye.

They left and seal the Keyhole

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