They arrived in Hill Valley and they saw Heartless attacking Hill Valley

Ryan: Heartless! We have to find Marty and Emmet Brown!

They went off to find them and they found him at Doc's House

Marty: Look, it's Ryan and his friends!

Ryan: Hey, Marty. This is Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Marty: Hey!

Doc: So what's going on?

Ryan: Well, you see there are many Heartless attacking in Hill Valley.

Doc: Great Scott! They're back again!

Marty: But who the one behind this?

Ryan: We don't know, but we have to find out.

Doc: Okay, let's go find the Culprit who's behind this.

They went off and they found it was Pete

Pete: You again!?

Sora: Not him again.

Pete: I knew you would arrived here.

Ryan: So you're the one behind all this?

Pete: That's right! Heartless!

He summon the Heartless, they are fighting it and they defeated it

Pete: I'll get you for this!

He leaves


Then the Time Machine is glowing

Doc: Great Scott!

Ryan and Sora unlocked a new Gateway


Sora: A New pathway has opened.

Ryan: We have to leave, but don't worry we'll come back.


They left this world

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