Whisper: Las Vegas! 

They made it here

Whisper: Smell that, Ryder? That's the sweet aroma of money, glamour... and busload upon busload of senior citizens. 

Ryder: Cool it, butler. This could be dangerous. 

Whisper: Right, we find Dusty Tails, save your dad, get the diamond... apply kung fu liberally as needed.

Chairman: Under no circumstances are you to allow... the young Mr. Drake and his butler ghost cohort out of the casino in one piece. - Is that clear? -

Yosemite Sam: Okay. You want the varmints and what they come for. I got you. But what's in it for old Sam? 

[He give him a treasure and slam him]

Yosemite Sam: I got you. 


Whipser: Did you know that Dusty Tails sang the theme song to six Damian Drake movies? 

Ryder:I know. He's my father. 

Nekoniyo: Your dad is Damian Drake? 

Ryder: Yes! 

Nekoniyo: I'm kidding, relax. We did that.

Foghorn: I say, listen up, y'all. Please put your greasy, buffet-shoveling hands together... for our next act. If you've heard her before, you're not here now. So, I say, let me introduce you... To Miss Dusty tail!

They saw her singing and Ryder went on stage

Ryder: Dusty! Can I talk to you? What the... 

So he disguise him a the Mascot

Whisper: What? Dusty, I gotta talk to you. - I'm Damian Drake's son, Ryder.

Dusty: What? How do I know it's you? 

He show his face

Dusy: Oh, you are Damian's son. 

Ryder: Us there someplace we can talk? 

After the Show

Dusty: Excuse me, I have to change.

He look away

Whisper: Okay, toots, hand over the diamond. 

Dusty: He brought a ghost?

Whisper: It's yokai, thank you. 

Ryder: Hi. 

Whisper: You again. 


Yosemite: Listen up, you darn imbeciles! We gotta get them varmints and what they come for! 

Cowboy: And then we blast them? 

Yosemite: Then we blast them. 


Whisper: Now if I were a giant diamond, where would I be?

He got lip stick from the Mousetrap

Inumaro: Well, not there.

Ryder: My dad's in trouble...

Whisper: Not here. 

Ryder: ...and he said that I should ask you about the Blue Monkey. 

Dusty: So then you know? 

Ryder: Definitely. Yes.

Dusty: I figured something must have happened. So sorry, but that's what's comes when you're a spy.

Ryder: So, you're a spy, too? 

Dusty: The pop diva thing? That's just one side of me. I also work for the Agency. Professional assassin. It's really hard trying to juggle the two sometimes. I don't know what I'll do when I have kids. Do you know how hard it is to find a nanny with advance weapons training? 

Inumaro: How many galoshes died to make that little number? 

Ryder: What about this Blue Monkey? 

Dusty: Your father was assigned to track it down before the chairman could. The diamond has supernatural powers. It would be a disaster if it fell into the wrong hands. I was supposed to give him this.

Whipser grab the card

Whisper: This is not a king-sized diamond. This is a queen of diamonds. What kind of sick joke is this? 

She hit him

Ruder: Can I have that? 

Whisper: Very funny. 

Dusty: That is so sweet. You trying to take over for your father. These evil forces? They're bad people. 

Inumaeo: Relax, sister. I don't know the meaning of the word "fear." 

Then Yosemite appeared with a Cannon

Yosemite: Say your prayers, ghost!

Whisper: Fear: Noun. A state of terror.

Ryder: Incoming!

They avoid the Cannon

Dusty: This mission needs years of experience and training. 

Ryder: Maybe. I ain't got time for that right now. I gotta go save my dad. 

Dustu: Don't lose that card. It's important.

Yosemite: After him, boys! 

They get Whisper

Whisper: Easy on the lips. 

Yosemite: Come back here, you card-carrying coyote! Dadburn slapstick clich!

Whisper: Faster! Climb like my life depended on it. You run, I'll steer. Right! I mean, left. Your other left. 


They are fighting him

Cowboy: That's what I'm talking about! Is that all you got?

Whisper:  That's gonna leave a mark. That's not boxing. Hide his ear!

They are fighting him

Whisper Left and a right and a left and a right-left!

Cowboy: I'm gonna come up on you.

They throw him off and then another cowboy got Ryder

Cowboy:I'll take that playing card. 

He knocked and the Card has fly off

Whisper: After it, stunt boy.

Ryder: Man. 

Whisper: Jump! 

He jump and the Card went to Foghorn and Ryder eater the game

Foghorn: All right, when I say, place your bets, gentlemen. Money plays, loser stays. Everyone's a... Not everyone.

Then Yosemite appeared

Yosemite Here's my money. Now play. 

Foghorn: Card, sir? 

Ryder: Hit me. 

Foghorn: Don't you want to look at your cards first, son? Boy's about as sharp as a bowling ball.

Ryder: Hit me. 

Yosemite: No, hit me first!

Foghorn:  I said await your turn, sir.

Ryder: Hit me. Hit me. Hit me. Hit me.

Yosemite: No, no, no! Hit me, fragnabbit! 

He hit him

Foghorn: He's the boss. 

Yosemite: You son of a-- 

Foghorn: Card, sir? 

Ryder: Hit me. 

He show the Queen of Diamond

Foghorn: Twenty-one, a winner! 

Whisper: Let's go! "And then they made their heroic escape!"

He got hit by the Door and Inumaro grab him

Nekoniyo: I say we do Cirque du Soleil and call it a night.

Whisper: How about the Liberace Museum?

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