This is how they arrived in Ninjago World and Save Jay in Ryan's Quest 2.

They arrived in Ninjago

Ryan: Look at this place.

Goofy: It's new.

Sora: I wonder where the people is?

And they saw a Blue tornado to pass them


Ryan know who it was

Ryan: Hey! That's Jay!

Crash: We better go see him.

Then they saw Heartless going to the Museum

Bertram: Heartless, first.

They went to the Museum and they saw a Scroll of Ninja

Donald: What's this.

He going to see it and then Heartless appeared

Donald: Found them!

They are fighting them and they're are too many of them

Sora: There's too many of them!

Ryan: Well, somebody help us!

Then Jay appeared and he fight the Heartless

Ryan: You're here!

Jay push them and leave with the School

Sora: What's wrong with you friend?

Ryan: I don't know, but did he forgot about who we were?

Donald: Why did he have to do that?

They left the Museum

Sci-Ryan: Hey, you noticed something. I saw a Girl with an Old Man heading that way.

Ryan: If Jay is here, that mean Nya is here too. Let's go see her.

They went off and they have to sneaky

Ryan: Shh...

Sora: Okay.

Donald is ram the the door, but the Door opened

Donald: Hey, who opened the door.

Nya saw Donald and the others

Nya: Oh, you're so cute!

She hugged Donald

Nya: Ryan! Everyone!

Ryan: Hi!

Donald: Hey, put me down! You're crushing my feathers!

Nya: Oh. Sorry.

She put her down

Sensei: You came here to help Jay.

Ryan: So, where is he?

Sensei: He's at the Temple. And he's not like himself.

Nya: Yeah, he's not like himself lately. And even though, he lock my Brother and the others in the Celler.

Ryan: Who?

Nya: Kai. Zane. Cole and Lloyd. They're in trouble, we tried to save them, but the can't get to them from that creature.

Ryan: Don't worry, we'll save them.

They went of the Cellar and they saw a Heartless that blocking the door, they are fighting it and they defeated it, they went and see no one

Ryan: Hello!

Sora: Where are you?

Goofy: That's strange, we came to the cellar to save them.

Kai: Did you say Rescue?

Cole: Quite, it might be them.

Zane: They don't look like them.

Goofy: Of course not, Nya send us to save you.

They came out of their hiding spot

Sora: Great to meet you. I'm Sora, Donald, Goofy, Ryan, Crash, Evil Ryan, Evil Anna, Bertram and Matau. I'm glad you're all okay.

Kai: Thank goodness you found us.

Cole: We were in that cellar for so long.

Zane: Jay locked us in. We try to talk to him, but he didn't listen to us.

Ryan: Well, can you help us find him?

Zane: Sure, follow me.


?????: It's time you dealt with Nya. She's scheming to take everything you have. This castle, your precious rose. And then---your life. Trust no one. Feed your anger! Only anger will keep you strong.

Jay: I've had enough of strength. There's only one thing I want---

??????: What? To love, and be loved in return? Who could ever love a guy like you?

(The Beast turns around angrily. The hooded man notices Sora and the others entrance. They are ready to fight)

??????: See? She has accomplices.

Ryan: Um, Jay, are you...

Then Jay attack them

Kai: Jay! What's wrong with you!?

Theu are fighting to come to his senses and they defeated him

Jay: Guys, what's happened to me?

Kai: Well, I don't know why, but... Um...

Donald: Well, you locked you're friends in the Cellar.

Jay: What?

Zane: Well, you did.

Ryan: Who's that guy you're talking to? The one in a Black Coat?

Jay: Exon! that's his name. He came from the darkness... He...used my anger to control me. He took all my sorrow, my sadness, my pain---and turned it all into rage. There was nothing I could do... I could no longer see the truth.

Goofy: Well, I'll be. That must be why you threw all of your friends down there into the Cellar. You wanted to make sure that you didn't hurt 'em, right?

Jay: Was that it? Was it to protect them?

Goofy: Sure. We know you're good inside.

Matau: You cared for them.

Zane: He's right, Jay. We've all seen how kind you can be. After all... Nya can see the goodness in your heart, but I'm afraid you've yet to---

Jay: Nya!

(Jay sighs)

Jay: I've mistreated her... I've mistreated her and been so jealous from Cole.

Sora: She didn't say anything about that.

Jay: She'd never tell anyone of my jealousy... She's too good.

Kai (to Sora): You see, I'm afraid he judges himself far too harshly.

Sora: Why don't you just go talk to her?

Jay: But...

Ryan: Don't say a word.

Sora: No excuses! C'mon, we'll go with you.

They went off and they went to see Sensei

Sensei: Ninjas, you're okay.

Kai: We are, and hey, where my Sister?

Sensei: She ran away from that Black Coated Person.

Jay: What!?

Sensei: Don't get to angry, Jay. You better go find her now.

They went off

Nya: I'm warning you! You'll be sorry!

Jay: Nya! Where are you?

Nya: Jay, Help! I'm at the Building!

They went off and they found her running away from something

Jay: Nya!

Nya: I'm alright!

They are fighting the Heartless and they defeated them and they know Exon is watching them

Exon: Guess we will meet again, Crash Bandicoot.

He disappeared

Lloyd: Looks like we don't want to see him again.

Jay: Yeah.

Nya: You're Alright!

Jay: Nya... I-I'm sorry---I...wasn't myself. I hope I haven't done anything to hurt you.

(Nya smiles, making Jay smile back)

JayBeast: Forgive me.

Nya: I know you weren't yourself. You don't have to apologize. But I had hoped...that you might have changed a little bit.

Then the Scroll is glowing and then Sora and Ryan opened a New Gateway

Jay: What was that?

Sora: A New Gateway has opened. It's time for us to leave.

Ryan: Are you sure we can come back?

Nya: Yeah.

Sensei: You're always welcome here in Ninjago City.

Ryan: Okay, bye!

They left this world

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