[Sci-Ryan and Crash arrived in Ninjago and they saw Dream Eater attacking Zane, they fight them and defeated them]

Zane: Thank you for saving me.

Sci-Ryan: No problem.

Zane: I never thought I seen those creatures before in Ninjago City.

Sci-Ryan: Well, you did.

Crash: So what's going on?

Zane: Many Monster has been taken over the City from their Leader. And I have to make sure, we stop them.

Sci-Ryan: Well, we can help you. If you want.

Zane: Thank you, let's go.

[They went off and they found a Giant Dream Eater Nightmare, they fighting it and they defeated it

Zane: Thank you for saving Ninjago, it will be an honour for you to help us.

Sci-Ryan: We will, bye.

They left

Crash: Someday, everyone needs a hero.

????: Or someone needs a Rival.

They saw Tirek

Tirek: Like me. Boys?

Crash: Tirek. Still Ryan's rival, I see.

Tirek: You think Ryan is safe? And I don't know how you two are full of light.

Sci-Ryan: How come you come here?

Tirek: By Xehanort. And Ryvine.

(He left to the Portal and they saw a Keyhole and they seal the Keyhole)

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