This is how Riku and Cody visit Odette's World in Ryan's Quest: Dream Drop Distance.

[Riku and Cody arrive in day time]

Riku: Wow. This is cool.

[Cody looks around as the world title appears in style of the Swan Princess film: "Odette's World"]

Puffin: let me... Let me get this right. You mean every night when the moonlight leaves the lake, you..[stretches his neck to make it more swan-like then honks]

Cody: Huh? A puffin talking to a swan? There's something you don't see everyday, Riku.

Riku: Yeah. It's like we can hear animals talk.


Odette: Right. And evry night if I want to turn human, I have to be on the lake.

Cody: Excuse us. Did you saw you are a human?

Odette: Yes. I'm Odette. Princess Odette.

Riku: I'm Riku.

Cody: Name's Fairbrother. Cody Fairbrother.


Puffin: Nice to meet you, Cody and Riku. Me name is Puffin.

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