This is how Sci-Ryan and Crash visit the sleeping world of Odette's world in Ryan's Quest: Dream Drop Distance.

[Crash and Sci-Ryan arrives at Swan Lake]

Sci-Ryan: Wow. Nighttime.

Crash Bandicoot:

[The world title appears in style of the Swan Princess film: "Odette's World"]

Crash Bandicoot: This is like what you watched, Sci-Ryan. [notices a swan] Look. A lovely swan.


[Sci-Ryan approaches the swan]

Sci-Ryan: Hi there, pretty swan. I was wondering. Have you seen a princess named Odette? She's my friend from this world.

Swan: I am Odette, CPA Student.


Rigby (EG): Don't worry, Odette. Your friends and I will help you.

Sci-Ryan: Rigby of CHS? Hello. It's us. Sci-Ryan of Crystal Prep and Crash of Canterlot High.

Rigby (EG): Sci-Ryan? Crash? I don't know about you but the names did have a familier ring.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. Huh? I sense a flashback coming on.


Yen Sid: In the Sleeping Worlds, real time does not flow. Unless one restores the world by waking it from it's slumber, it will stay locked in a dream forever. Thus, you will encounter familiar people from CHS, but they are just figments of the dream. In actuality, they are sound asleep- trapped within a world that is also sleeping. What's more, whilst someone may no longer dwell in the real version of a world, dreams may paint a fuller picture and restores what seems to be missing.

[Flashback ends]

Sci-Ryan: So, the real Human Rigby is not trapped in that world, Crash.

Crash Bandicoot: You're right, Sci-Ryan. So, maybe. It's like the Dream world is putting him back where he belongs where he and Odette were born.

Rigby (EG): What was that? I can't hear you!

Sci-Ryan: Right. It's nice to meet you and your brother, Odette.


Crash Bandicoot: Yeah. And Odette? How come you said you was turned into a swan?


Rigby (EG): Where were we? Oh yes. My rival Rothbart kidnapped Odette, takes her to Swan Lake and puts a spell on her. So, when the moon comes up...

[Crash notices the moon and then, Odette transforms into a human]

Rigby (EG): She turns into her human self, every night. She had to be on the lake and when the moonlight shines on the lake.

Odette: I think Rothbart still wants me to marry him. [gasps] That's where my brother and I must have heard your and Crash's names, Sci-Ryan. From Rothbart!

Sci-Ryan: Rothbart knows me and Crash? But, how?


Rothbart: You really starting to bug me.

Odette: I think you'd be used to it by now.

Rothbart: That's it! Just keep pushing it! Someday, I'm going to boil over!

Rigby (EG): My sister won't marry you, Rothbart.

Rothbart: Why is that? Even the chap and the bandicoot in the black clothes who try to fool Crash and Sci-Ryan to their side.

Rigby (EG): What?! Who are they?

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