Riku and Cody made here and they saw Keizo and Fuyunyan fighting the Dream Eaters

Keizo: What are they?

Fuyunyan: I don't know, who they are.

Then Riku and Cody help them

Riku: Are you okay?

Keizo: Huh? Have I seen you before?

Cody: What?

Fuyunyan: Are you Cody? Brother of Ryan?

Cody: Yes. And this is my friend Riku.

Fuyunyan: I'm Fuyunyan and this is Keizou.

Riku: So what are you doing?

Fuyunyan: Well, Keizou wants to be a hero like Kamen Guts.

Cody: Well. I think you remind us of a comic book hero.

Fuyunyan: No, I'm Not. And what's that Key your holding?

Riku: These are called Key...

Fuyunyan: Shush!

Cody: Huh?

Fuyunyan: I know. You and Riku came from another world. Is that right?

Riku: Yes, how did you know?

Fuyunyan: Master Yen Sid told me.

Cody: Wow. You are?

Riku: Do you know our friend, Mickey?

Fuyunyan: Yes. And I'm a Second Apprentice to Yen Sid.

Riku: Second Apprentice? I didn't know you were a close friend to Mickey.

Fuyunyan: I am, and he told everything about you.

Riku: He does?

Then Dream Eaters appeared, they are fighting them and they defeated them

Keizou: Wow! This great! I can't wait to be Kamen Guts!

Riku: Look, Kid. You may wanna be one, but it's take so time for you to become one.

Keizou: I got a name, Riku. It's Keizou.

Riku: My Bad, Keizou. But you need to stronger to be like him.

Cody: Think about this, Riku. If I can be a sidekick for Keizo, he might show us the watch he's working on.

Riku: Look, Cody? I know you want him to show the Watch, but he need to be stronger to fight the Darkness.

Cody: Then, I'll train him.

Keizou: No, thanks. My Best friends will help me.

Fuyunyan: But, Keizou. You helped Cody and Riku beat the monsters!

Keizou: I knows but you remember my Grandson and his friend's, right? They saved the world from the Keima's.

Cody: You mean Sora?

Keizou: No.

Riku: Then who?

Keizou: My Best Friends and his Pets save the world from the Keima who they working with guy named "Hades"?

Cody: Wait. Is he the one with Eris who made Evil Ryan immortal?

Keizou: No, just Hades.

Cody: Oh. Right.At least this Kamen Guts is the great.

Keizou: Yeah, and I have to stop him for taking over the Town

Riku: So where he is?

Then they saw Hades appeared

Hades: Really, is you? I just came here to drop here and see how that boy is doing here and what do I find? Holy-Hydra is another boy with a friend from his Brother.

Kaizou: Hades!

Hades: I'm sorry, but... What's with the scar? You need a Makeover.

Fuyunyan: Makeover!?

Cody: You are the one who made Evil Ryan immortal.

Hades: Let me guess, I see you're acquainted to that spinless loser.

Cody: Who? Evil Ryan?

Hades: Yes.

Riku: He isn't Spineless.

Hades: Really, cause I heard that differently.

Cody: What did you hear him say?

Hades: Ya see, it was Chickenheart who asked me for a little, shall we say...instruction on how to become immortal in the first place.

Both: Never!

Hades: And they they were so close to doing it, too, when the sap went and got cold feet.

(Hades turns red for a second with anger)

Hades: Now if that ain't cowardly, I don't know what is. But you and your friends, my friend... Why not flit over here and become friends to all the Keima

(He holds out a hand)

Riku: We don't want to be friend's to Keima!

Cody: Yeah, I would be friends instead of Keima!

Hades: Well, that was rude. A "No thank you, your godliness" might've sufficed. Fortunately, I still get to--ahem--destroy you. Rules say you face me next. And I have a whole lot of darkness...with your name on it!

(He laughs and vanishes in a puff of smoke)

Keizou: Get back here, Hades!

(He runs to catch him, but he's gone)

Keizou: Man, if only I were up against him. Riku, Cody!

(He puts his hands on their shoulders)

Keizou: You gotta avenge me!

Riku: Okay.

At Night

They are waiting for Hades and they saw him with Ice Titan

Hades: I never said One-on-one.

Darknyan: Are you kidding me!?

Riku: I guess we have to fight two on two.

Hades: Rule number 2. Combatants may call for backup.

Keizou: He's right on time!

But Darknyan stop him

Darknyan: No, Keizou. This is our fight.

He, Riku and Cody fight them and they defeated them

Hades: I knew that snow cone wouldn't cut it. I need a real Titan! Stay tuned!

(He disappeared)

Keizou: I'm going together Hades someday.

Darknyan: You will, I guess.

Keizou: Well, it's time to say goodbye.

Riku: This time you need a strength of Heart to win.

Keizou: I will, someday.

They left and they saw Twivine Sparkle

Cody: Hello, Twivine.

Twivine: Hi, Cody.

Cody: Are you with Ryvine and Xehanort?

Twivine: Yes. When Ansem and my brother's Heartless see you, you won't know what hit you.

(She left to the Portal and they seal the Keyhole)

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