Sora and Ryan arrived in the Yokai World and they saw the Paw Patrol in their Yokai Form

Ryan: Where are we now?

Sora: I don't know, look.

They saw many Yokai's

Sora: Whoa, look at all of those Dreams Eaters.

Ryan: Whoa! Dream Eaters! No. Let's see how that plays out.

They saw the Paw Patrol, OWCA Agents and the Littlest Pet Gangs

Chase: That was some Mission.

Marshall: Yeah, trying to stop a Keima is so much hard.

Rocky: Yeah, and we don't know why we have to these Missions?

Perry: Yes, and this time I want to fight Doofensmirtz, instead chasing Yokai.

Zuma: Me too. And I hope Ryder summons us soon.

Sora: Hi, there.

Sunil: Huh? Are you new? Are you Yokai as well?

Ryan: Well... no. But, my name is Ryan F-Freeman. Or Ryan for short. And this chap is my friend Sora.

Marshall: What that Key your holding

Ryan: Oh. You mean these? The weapon I got is a Keybla...

Chase: Shh.

Skye: We know, you're from another world, aren't you?

Ryan: Yes. [pats Chase's head] You're the cutest pups we ever saw.

Chase: Yeah, I'm Chase. I'm working on a Progress. To defeat all Keima, and that's why me and my friends are in this world to become a Yokai Hero.

Ryan: Yokai?

Sora: What's a Yokai?

Chase: Oh, you don't know. Yokai's are Mystical Creatures here in the Yokai World, when everyone died they became a Yokai, and they have to be friends to the Yokai Watch users to summon us.

Ryan: Oh wow. At least I'm not dead or got a yokai spirit.

Rubble: Lucky for you.

Pinky: Man, I guess wish he was here?

Sora: Who?

Zoe: It's our Friend, Whisper. He left on Vacation for a whole Month, and we really miss him.

Vinnie: He's so great to us.

Ryan: So. This Whisper fella is a yokai.

Russell: Yeah, and he's Keita's Yokai Butler.

Minka: And Ryder is a best friend to him.

Ryan: So, you waiting for him?

Terry: Look, we really miss him so much. So we have to wait for him.

Then something rumbling and they saw Whisper surfing

Whisper (as Genie): He's A Ghost! He's White! He's back!

Chase: Whisper!

Skye: You came back!

They hug him and Whisper has a Sunburn

Whisper: Oh! Ah! Watch the Sunburn!

Ryan: Huh? I didn't know Yokai get sunburn.

Whisper: Ah-ah! Kidding! Did you miss me, be honest? Take my Bags, Rubble.

Rubble: Okay.

He grab and it's Heavy

Whisper: Careful. It's heavy. It brought you some Souvenirs!

Ryan: Awesome!

He give Souvenirs to them and he look at Hula Girl

Whisper: Wow. She dances.

Sora: You saw the Whole World on your Vacation?

(Whisper tranforms into Ryan)

Ryan and Whisper: It's a small world after all~

Whisper: But, the Yokai World have no other place in the human world has...

He turn himself into a Rocket

Whisper: You guys!

Then the Nothing in the World has played

Whisper: I parachuted down Into the Taj Mahal
I rollerbladed
Along the great Great Wall!
I even made the famous
Leaning Tower fall,
But who was with me through it all?
The Moscow Circus
Hired me to fly trapeze
On Mount Olympus,
Ran a race with Hercules
It's easy when you're chased by killer bees!
Who said "geshundheit" when I sneezed? *Achoo*
So now I'm home,
Home again with you,
You chase the clouds away
Whenever I am blue

("You're always blue!")

And though the pyramids,
I highly recommend
There is nothing in the world
Quite like a friend!
Slept like a babe in Bombay
On a bed of nails
Moroccans love my daring Dance of Seven Veils
Of seven veils
I single-handedly
I even saved the whales!
No one was there to hear my tales!
In Acapulco,
Joined a Mariachi band
I rode the ragin' rapids
Down the Rio Grande
Flew in a air balloon,
But when I tried to land
Nobody laughed,
Or lent a hand
Without you, the Amazon is
Just a trickle
Without you, the Sahara's
Not so hot
Without you, Niagara Falls
Is just a leaky faucet
The Huey ii
Is just some yacht
Now that I'm home,
Home again, it's clear,
All I ever wanted
Seems to be right here
I've traveled East and West
And now, I'm back again
There is nothing in the world
Quite like a friend...

There's nothing in the world

Nothing in the whole wide world

There is nothing in the world
Quite like a friend!
Nothing in the whole wide world!

Sora: Man, what a song. So do you we can help you guys?

Pepper: Well, if you are, then yes.

Penny: Let's go!

They went off and went to see Enma with the Cornerstone of Light

Enma: Welcome, Heroes.

Sora: Hey, it's that the-

Enma: Yes, it's the Cornerstone of Light.

Sora: What's it doing here?

Enma: To protect the Yokai World from Darkness.

Then Hades appeared

Enma: Hades!? I thought I banned you?

Hades: I am, but I'm back!

USApyon: Take this, Dani!

He's going to blast him, but it went pass through him

Hades: Didn't hurt.

Ryan: What are you doing here?

Hades: To destroyed it.

He summon a Dream Eater

Ryan: Looks we have to protect it from him!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Hades: I'll get you back for this!

He disappeared

Enma: Thank you for saving the Cornerstone of Light.

Sora: Yeah, bye.

They left and they saw Princess Dark Matter

Ryan: Princess Dark Matter.

Princess Dark Matter: Hey, Ryan. You did help those heroes like some one.

Sora: What are you talking about?

Princess Dark Matter: And you won't be able to wake up.

She left to the Portal and they seal the Keyhole

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