This is where our heroes head to Shangri-La in Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

[A Yeti pulls Johnathan out]

Johnathan: Yes! [laughing hysterically] I've got it! And I'm still alive!

Ed: Dig a Hole! Dig a Hole! Dig a hole! [digs him and the other 2 eds out]

Edd: Thanks Ed. Man that was an intense avalanche.

Ed: Uh, where'd everybody go?

Eddy: Huh?

[then some snow starts to shake lose]

Sharky: [pops out] Wow! What a ride!

Mako: [pops out]

[at one section the snow starts to rumble as we hear a jack hammering sound, then Steam Grindor pops out]

Steam Grindor: Wow! What a pong!

[at another section, the snow starts to shake]

[Steam Sweeper's laser drill pops out]

Steam Sweeper: Okay, [gets out] We're free.

[another section of snow starts to cave in]

Mucker: [digs out snow] Yes! We're free!

[another section of snow melts as we see 2 flames emerge from it]

Dazzlen: Aha! There we go!

[the Planet trains emerge from the hole]

Shiver: Sheesh, I may enjoy snow but this is crazy!

[then more snow starts to shake lose as a huge pile then lifts up as Elsa then walks out along with the majority of the team.]

Brian: Who ever's not hurt say "I".

Everyone: I!