They arrived in Springfield

Ryan: We're back in Springfield.

Matau: Boy, we really miss Homer and his family.

Bertram: Yeah, let's go see them.

They went into their house and find out the Heartless attacking the Simpsons

Homer: Help us!

Ryan: Stop hurting them!

They fight them and they defeated them

Sora: Phew, there gone.

Homer: Ryan, everyone. You're here.

Ryan: Yeah, and this is Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Marge: Nice to meet you.

Sora: Yeah, you too.

Sci-Ryan: So what Happened?

Lisa: Heartless, they're taking over Springfield from their Leader.

Bart: We going to stop them, but there are too many of them.

Ryan: Well, luckily we're here to help you.

Bart: Yeah, finally. We were waiting for you.

Ryan: Come on, let's go find the Leader.

They went off and they find out who the Leader is, it was Swiper

Swiper: You again!?

Ryan: You got to be kidding me for this.

Swiper: Oh, yeah. I am. Heartless! Come out!

He summon a Giant Heartless, they are fighting it and they defeated it

Swiper: [snaps his fingers] Oh man! I'll get you next time.

He leave

Homer: That was close.

He saw a Donut

Homer: Oh! A Donut!

Then the Donut is Glowing

Homer: A magical donut?

Ryan and Sora open the Gateway

Bart: Icaramba. What is that light?

Evil Ryan: I think it means we have go for a while.

Lisa: Leave soon?

Goofy: We'll come back.

Marge: Okay.

Homer: Be back in Springfield.

They left this world

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