This is how


Crash Bandicoot: Brooms? I think we could find out who brought them to life.

[They go upstairs and saw Mickey]

Sci-Ryan: Mickey. He must be trapped in something.

They saw a Music Sheet covered in Darkness

Crash: This might be it. Let's smash it.

They summons their keyblades

Mickey: You can't destroyed it with brute force, I'm Mickey the Sorcerer apprentice, who are you?

Sci-Ryan: I'm Sci-Ryan, and this is Crash Bandicoot. If we don't use Brute force what should we do.

Mickey: Let's see.

Then another music sheet appeared

Mickey: Inside this Music is a sound idea powerful enough to dispel the darkness, can you find it?

Sci-Ryan: Okay, we'll get the sound idea for you.

They went inside and they found the Sound Idea

?????: Look who's here.

They saw Mal

Sci-Ryan: Mal!?

Crash: Are you with Ansem?

Mal: Not really. [chuckles] At your disservice.

Sci-Ryan: I thought Mike got rid of you after Juvie.

Mal: Silly, CPA Student. I was just laying low, conserving my energy, waiting for my moment and it worked. Now I'm Ryvine's Heartless.

Crash: So you come back for revenge on Mike!?

Mal: Yes.

Sci-Ryan: You're going to hurt Mike and his friends! You have to stop!

Mal: Stop? Oh no no no no no no. I'm just getting started.

(He left to the Portal and leave a Giant Dream Eater here, they are fighting it and they defeated it and they return to the Tower with the Sound Idea)

Mickey: Thank, Sci-Ryan and Crash can do this now?

(They conduct it and it didn't work and then two sound idea joined together and create a powerful music and then Mickey has awaken)

Mickey: That was amazing! What happened?

Sci-Ryan: Ryan, Sora, Cody and Riku.

Mickey: Sora, Ryan, Cody and Riku? Funny... Just hearing that name kinda makes me wanna smile.

Crash: Yeah. That's how they are.

Mickey: Whaddaya know... Riku, Cody, Sci-Ryan, Crash, Ryan and Sora. The Sound Ideas you six set free joined together. And when they did, they made a great and powerful harmony.

(They nods)

Crash: Sora and his friends can find the brightest part of anything, and pull off miracles like there's nothing to it. It's pretty hard not to smile around him.

Mickey: Wow! No wonder the music sounded like so much fun. But I bet they're got you to thank for that. Having such a good friend means they could really enjoy it.

Sci-Ryan: Huh?

Mickey: It's like each of you is holding on to a little part of the other. Your hearts are always in tune, so they're free to sing. Gosh, I hope I can be part of the team someday.

(They shake hands)

Sci-Ryan: You will. Trust me.

(Mickey giggles. Later, a Keyhole appears and Sci-Ryan and Crash seals it.)

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