(Hours later)

(Lucas peels the tangerine peel)

Maria: What color is it?

Lucas: What?

Maria: My leg. Is it still red?

Lucas: Yeah. It's still red. What does that mean?

Maria: It's good. As long as it doesn't turn black.

Yogi: We hope you will get better, won't you?

Maria: I don't know, Yogi.

Lucas: (offering a tangerine) Here. You need to eat something. Eat it.

(Maria softly grabs the tangerine)

Maria: You're so bossy.

(Lucas chuckles)

Lucas: I wonder who I take after.

(He sits on the chair)

Yogi: May we have some tangerine, Cousin Pooh.

Pooh: Sure, Cousin Yogi.

Danny: Is Maria going to get well?

Pooh: Not yet, Danny. We cannot imagine why. I miss the others. Ash, do you miss them too?

Ash: Yes, Pooh. I miss them. I wonder what's become of them.

(Maria turns to the woman)

Maria: Hello. What's your name? My name's Maria. And this is my son, Lucas. And these are our friends. What's your name? Hey. Give her some tangerine. She must be starving.

(Lucas offers the tangerine to the lady)

Maria: Be careful. Be careful, Lucas.

(A woman chokes and coughs)

Maria: Turn your head to the side, please. You choke if you don't.

(The lady pukes)

Maria: Please, please, she needs help. Turn her head. Help her, Lucas. Help her. Turn her head.

Nurse: You okay? You okay?

(Maria chokes as well)

Lucas: Mom, are you okay?

Jiminy: Oh, dear. Not you too.

Lucas: Mom? Mom? Are you okayama? What are you doing? Mom, are you okay?

(A nurse speak in Thai)

Lucas: Stop it, Mom! That's enough! Mom, stop it! Mom...

Mr. Peabody: She's going to die! What will we do?!

Lucas: Mom, stop it!

(The nurse pull the string of the plants out of Maria's mouth)

(Maria lays on the bed again)

Lucas: Mom? Mom?

(He holds her hand)

(Hour later)

(The insects buzz, flying on the window)

Man: Francesca! Francesca! Francesca!

Woman: I need to go to the toilet.

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