Chairman: Chair people, I reveal to you... the whereabouts of the Blue Monkey. (Laugh) All right. 

It show a screen of a Map and Whisper block it

Chairman: There's a ghist in the middle of the map. Remove the ghost. Remove the ghost! The ghost is in the... Ghost! 

He destroyed the screen

Chariman: We cannot let the boys, girl, ghost and the animals thwart our plans for global domination. 

Ryder's Dad: Wanna bet?

Chairman: A wager?

Ryder's Dad: $5 says my son will scuttle your diabolical plans and save the world.

Chairman: You're awfully spunky for a man in your position. How do you like that, Mr. Slap Yourself in Your Own Face? 

He make him slap his face

Chairman: Give him a good zets every once in a while. 

Doctor: My pleasure. 

Chairman: Now, I think I'm going to hedge my bet. I'm going to unleash our most vicious operative. 

He bring out Tasmania Devil

Worker: Mr. Chairman, while we agree that the Tasmanian Devil is quite vicious... if memory serves, he is also really stupid. 

Chairman: Really? So are you.

He released him and put him back in his chair

Chairman: That's a good boy. 

Worker: I withdraw my objection.


Marshall: This would have been a lot easier underground. 

Ryder: Come on, it's only another 6,000 cubits in this here thick direction.

Then they saw Granny with her pets

Tweety:  Look, Granny, it's that nice boy from next door. 

Granny: Little Damian. How funny seeing you here, dear.

Ryder: Hi, Granny.

Granny: Would you and your little friends like a lift?

Whisper: Giddyup, Dumbo. 

Chase: Sure was a lucky coincidence you showing up just now.

Granny: Yes, wasn't it?

They went off and they saw many bird

Tweety: I've discovered my roots.

Sylvester: I've discovered my lunch. 

Then they attacked him

Tweety: Cry freedom! 

Whisper: What a fantastic view. 

Rocky: Unless you're in the audience... in which case you've been staring at an elephant's behind for 30 seconds. 

Daffy: My destiny awaits.

Ryder: I guess this is our stop. 

Granny: Enjoy the rest of your adventure, children.

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