This is how our Heroes went to the Valley of Peace and defeat Tai Lung in Ryan's Quest 2.

They are in the Valley of Peace

Sora: Where should we go now?

Ryan: We should go to that Palace up there.

Sora: Okay, let's go.

Then they saw Tigress running from the Heartless

Ryan: We have to help her!

They are fighting the Heartless and they defeated them

Ryan: Are you okay?

Tigress: Yeah.

She get up by herself

Tigress: And you're Supposed to be?

Sora: I'm Sora, this is Donald, Goofy, Sci-Ryan, Ryan, Crash, Matau, Bertram, Evil Ryan and Evil Anna. We came here to see Ryan's Friend, Po the Panda.

Tigress: You know, Po the Legendary Warrior?

Evil Ryan: Sought of.

Ryan: Yeah, I know him long time ago.

Tigress: Well, looks like Po have make new friends. I'm Tigress. And I'm the member of the Furious Five.

Ryan: So how's Po doing?

Tigress: He's good. But he has a Problem.

Sora: What kind of Problem?

Tigress: Training. He didn't get use to it after he defeated Tai Lung. So Shifu is helping him get stronger.

Ryan: Should we go see him?

Tigresa: Yes. Come to the Jade Palace.

They went to the Jade Palace and they saw Po doing Training with the Furious Five, Crane, Monkey, Mantis and Viper

Po: Hey, Tigress! (Gasp) Ryan! Evil Ryan! Evil Anna! Crash! Sci-Ryan! Bertram! Matau!

Mantis: Do you know them?

Po: Know them? Yeah, I fight alot of Bad Guys with these guys on my side.

Sora: And I'm Sora, this is Donald and Goofy. Ryan told me all about you.

Po: Really, thanks!

Ryan: So how was your day, Po?


Ryan: Really? Looks Peaceful here now.

Snifu: It is.

Shifu Appeared

Shifu: You must be Ryan F-Freeman? Po told me about you.

Ryan: Yeah, that's my name.

Shifu: So, what brings you to the Valley of Peace?

Ryan: To look for our friends.

Shifu: Have you find them?

Ryan: No, but we're still working on it.

Snifu: Hope you wil. And there's some trouble here in Valley Of Peace. Strange, Creatures is attacking the People here.

Ryan: Them again.

Po: Let's go!

They went off and they saw Heartless

Crane: What are they?

Sora: They're Heartless! Po, you're ready for it?

Po: Yeah!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Ryan: Yup. That's all the Heartless.

Viper: But Where did they come from?

Ryan: Don't know, but we have to find out from the Mountains. Come on.

They went off and they saw someone talk to the Heartless

?????: It's time to have my revenge.

It was Tai Lung, much to Po and his friends surprised

Po: It's Tai Lung!

Tigress: He's alive!?

Ryan: By the Allspark.

Monkey: He's coming to the Jade Palace! We have to warn everyone!

They went off and they told Shifu that Tai Lung has returned

Snifu: What!? Tai Lung is back!?

Po: It is. I thought I defeated him.

Snifu It's seems that he have survived. And he's going to have a revenge on you, Po.

Po: Don't I'll fight him. Beside, I defeated him once.

Snifu: You did. But he might be stronger then before. Then all of you have to defeat Tai Lung and keep the Jade Palace safe.

Tigress: We'll do what we can.

They went off and now they face Tai Lung

Sora: Here he is.

They saw Tai Lung with his Heartless

Tai Lung: Well, if it isn't The Furious Five and their friends.

Tigress: We're not letting you to the Valley of Peace.

Tai Lung: Really? I got alot stronger since last battle.

Po: Well, if you want to fight us! Then come get some!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Minutes Later

Ryan: I guess I am right, Po. There are no Organization 13 fellas with Tai Lung.

Po: I know, hey, wants some of my Dad's Noodles before you go?

Ryan: Yeah. Sure. I did get hungry after that battle.

Then the Noodles bowl is glowing and Ryan and Sora opened a new Gateway

Monkey: What is with the lightshow?

Ryan: A New Path has opened, it's time for us to go.

Sora: Shall we come back to hang out with you?

Crane: Sure.

Po: See you later, Ryan, Sora, Evil Ryan, Sci-Ryan, Evil Anna, Crash Bandicoot, Bertram, Matau, Donald and Goofy.

Sora: Okay, bye.

They left this world

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