This is how our heroes arrive in the Transformers: Prime world in Ryan's Quest 2.

Ryan: So this is your world. Must be great to be home. Huh. Well?

Crash: You know, something isn't quite right here.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah, something's wrong since we left.

Goofy: I wonder what happened to your world?

Matau: I wonder what happened?

They saw Codylight, Acree, Carmelita and Thunderblast coming

Codylight: You're back! We have a major situation!

Acree: The City is under attack from Megatron!

All: What!?

Carmelita: Come on, we have to stop him!

They went off and they found him

Megatron: Looks like you're here.

Ryan: Megatron, what are you doing now?

Megatron: My Plan is to rule this world and enslaved the humans.

Sora: We won't let you do this.

Megatron: Really, well, fight me.

Then he heard a ticking noise

Megatron: Huh? That sound..

He saw Brain the Crocodile

Megatron: [screams] Oh no! Not again! Stay away form me!!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Ryan: Listen, Megatron! We will spare if you reform us, if you didn't we will feed Brian the Crocodile.

Megatron: I'll reform later. Goodbye. [transforms into jet mode and flies off]

Ryan: Good, that's more like it.

Minutes Later

Ryan: Now where is the keyhole?

They saw the Cube glowing, Sora and Ryan unlocked a new gateway

Codylight: Huh? What is with the bright light?

Sora: A New pathway is opened.

Sci-Ryan: Codylight. Everyone, we'll be back after we find Optimus, Bumblebee and Zig.

Codylight: Ok. Good luck, Prince Ryan, Crash, Sora, Evil Ryan, Evil Anna, Bertram, Donald, Sci-Ryan, Matau and Goofy.

They left this world

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