This is

Doki: I think we're finally home.

Fry: No more monsters chasing us.

Owen: Let's celebrate with some chow.

Luffy: Yeah!

Ryan: Uh, it might be a little early for a celebration, gang. Look.

They saw the data in the sky and they know they're still in the game

Sora: Aw, man, we're still in the game.

Cody: And I thought we were home free.


Duncan (Doki) Okay. They've made it to the last level.

Eric: But this one's the toughest of all. No player's ever won it. Not even me. It'll take everything they've got just to survive.

Rico: Please, Fico. Don't let that Virus get you.

Donald: So now what?

Gwen: All we have to do is find the last box of Scooby Snacks.

Courtney: But this city is so big.

Zoey: Where do we start?

They saw the hooden lady

Trent: Let's see if that woman knows anything.

Duncan: Excuse us, ma'am, we were wondering... 

Then it was the Phantom Virus

Virus: Surprise! 

Usopp: The virus! 

Virus:  Welcome to the final level. You're in the major leagues now.

Goofy: Run!

Noah: Like, where are we going?

Sanji: Hey, let's hide in the malt shop.

Luffy: Great idea!

They hid there

Nami: Can someone help us?

They look behind when they saw their Cyber's Self

Ryan: Who are you and why are your eyes yellow?

Cyber Ryan: Ryan. And you're from Cybertron?

Doki: You are me from I come from.

Cyber Doki: And you are a Digimon, I guess.

Fry: Whoa, you're me?!

Cyber Fry: And you're me!

Nami: You're me, 2 year before.

Cyber Nami: And you're me, 2 years after.

Fransworth: You're the characters from Eric's Video Game.

Cyber Fransworth: And you're from the real world.

Trent: I think you are dating Gwen?

Cyber Trent: Nope. We're married.

Sci-Ryan: So. If you look like me? What school am I in?

Cyber Sci-Ryan: Crystal Prep. I guess.

Duncan: You think you got my hair style?

Cyber Duncan: Yup.

Courtney: Cool. You on a date or....

Cyber Courtney: I married Duncan.

Bender: This me is cool. Looks like a cheep knock off.

Cyber Bender: Hey! Bite my well-protected armored butt!

Gwen: I guess it's been a while seen we've seen Eric. He hasn't seen our fashion change.

Cyber Luffy: So how about we have a snack?

Luffy: Sure.

They are having French Fry's and then Owen and his Cyber Self took those French Fry's.

Mike: Look we have no time to play here. We have to find the last Scooby Snacks.

Cyber Sora: Why so worried?

Cyber Fico: Yeah, you need to relax.

Donald: Aren't you afraid of the Phantom Virus?

Cyber Donald: Phantom who?

Cyber Goofy: Never heard of him.

Leela: You're kidding.

Fransworth: Oh, I get it. The Virus isn't part of the game. He has no reason to be looking for our cyber self's.

Ryan: And this might be like finding a needle in a hay stack. But, you? You think you got scared of turning into someone else?

Cyber Ryan: Me? I am half Xehanort already.

Sora: And you Cybergroups are lucky. And has this scary laugh.

They heard a Laugh and they saw the Phantom Virus

Sora: Just like that.

Virus: Come out and play!

Donald: Let's get out of here!

Cyber Otto: Our Vehicles is out back.

Both: I'll drive it.

Otto: Wow. This is nostalgic.

They ride the bus

Cody: I miss this Bus so much.

Cyber Hermes: In Cyberworld, things did not change.

Cyber Amy: It's pretty cool and it has a lot in the cyberworld.

Cyber Leela: There's stores, theaters, and parks, and lots of tasty food.

Crash Bandicoot: Food? You do read my mind, mate. You think you got Keyblades like us?

Cyber Crash Bandicoot: Uhh. What is a Keyblade, mate?

Fry: I guess Eric didn't designed a Keyblade for them in the Cyberworld.

Crash: Oh. And if someone puts a Keyblade in it, Cyber Ryan can find it.

Gwen: But what about the Monsters and Villains?

Cyber Cody: We haven't seen any, probably guarding the Scooby Snacks.

Zoidberg: So you tell us that you don't know where the Scooby Snacks is?

Cyber Owen: Oh, we know where they are.

Cyber Gabi: There's just no reason to go after them, because even if we get the scooby snacks, we'd just go right back to the beginning of the game.

Sci-Ryan: So. Let me get this right. If me and my friends get the Scooby Snacks, we can go back to the real world?

Cyber Sanji: Yeah. And we like it here in the Cyberworld.

Cyber Fico: And then you and friends shows up with the Phantom Virus. We could gladly get rid of you, if we could.

Zoro: You know we should team up, so we have no match against the Phantom Virus.

All: Yeah.

Cyber Zoro: Well, I guess we could find the Scooby Snacks eventually.

Robin: So will you help us?

Cyber Robin: We will.

Ryan: Well, then let's go.

Sci-Ryan: Ok.

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