This is how Sci-Ryan and Crash visit the Grid in Ryan's Quest: Dream Drop Distance.

[Sci-Ryan and Crash arrive in the Grid and they are wearing their the Grid outfits]

Sci-Ryan: Whoa! This is trippy.

[Sci-Ryan looks to see Crash]

Sci-Ryan: Oh my gosh! Crash! You got a new outfit!

Crash Bandicoot: [looks at himself] Wow! This is cool. So, you have one too.

Sci-Ryan: Wow. I look kinda cool. We should look around and find someone.

[Crash nods and spots Quorra jumping from building to building]

Sci-Ryan: Whoa! Who is she?

[Sci-Ryan and Crash runs after Quorra. The world title appears: "The Grid". Sci-Ryan and Crash arrive and spots Quorra talking to Sam]

Sci-Ryan: Wow. He might be a user.

(They went to see them and then the Dream Eaters has appeared)

Sci-Ryan: Not now.

Crash Bandicoot: Let's fight those Nightmares.

(They are fighting them and they defeated them and then CLU and Rinzler appeared)

CLU: Well done.

Sci-Ryan: Who are you?


Crash Bandicoot: And who's that guy next to you?

CLU: He's Rinzler.

Sci-Ryan: Wait, there's a letter T on his chest. That look so familiar? (Gasp) Oh no, you don't think it's...

CLU: That's right, he's Tron.

Crash Bandicoot: What have you done to Tron!?

CLU: I De-rezzed him and I got all of his source code

Sci-Ryan: Well, give his source code back!

CLU: I will, if you give me you're Keyblades.

Sci-Ryan: No way. We can't give you the Keyblades!

CLU: Then we should fight.

(They are fighting and they defeated them and then Rinzler ran away)

Sci-Ryan: Tron, wait!

(And then CLU escape from them)

Crash Bandicoot: We could help those guys.

Crash and Sci-Ryan walk up to Sam and Quorra]

Sci-Ryan: Hello.

Sam: Huh? Are you new here?

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. Name's Sci-Ryan.

Crash: Crash Bandicoot.

Sam: I'm Sam. And this is Quorra. We really going to the Portal for a way out. Wanna come?

Sci-Ryan: No, but we could help you.

Sam: Okay, let's go see my dad. 

Crash: Alright, hope we can save Tron. 

They went off and they meet him 

Sci-Ryan: Hi. We are users here. 

Flynn: I see. 

Crash: I'm Crash and this is Sci-Ryan. We know that we were in Tron's World. 

Flynn: You know Tron? 

Sci-Ryan: Yeah, we ran into him with a guy name CLU. 

Flynn: Tron, he's still alive. 

Sci-Ryan: Anyway, why do want to go to the Portal, Sam? 

Sam: For a way out, and we have to hurry before it close. 

Crash: I see, well... we have to go find Tron. 

Quorra: But you'll get killed. 

Sci-Ryan: Don't worry, we'll be fine. Head to the Portal and get out of here. 

They went off and they found Rinzler and CLU 

CLU: I see you arrived. 

Sci-Ryan: Just let go of Tron! 

CLU: I'll let him go after you fight me. 

(They are fighting him and then Rinzler left) 

Sci-Ryan: Tron! Stop! 

(They are fighting CLU and they defeated him) 

Sci-Ryan: Now let Tron go.   

CLU: Sorry, but no.   

(He ran away)   

Crash Bandicoot: Come back and fight like a man, CLU!   

Sci-Ryan: Let him go, Crash. Sora, Ryan, Cody and Riku can handle this. 

Crash: Okay, good luck you guys.   

(They saw a Keyhole and they seal it)   

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