Here is how Princess Yuna and her friends and families make themselves at home in The Week at Genesis Park.

At the lodge, Mosquito showed his guests the Lodges.

Mosquito Amber: I hope we make you feel conformable, Princess Luna.

Princess Luna: Yes, Thank you, Professor.

Mosquito Amber: If there's anything you'll need, Meet us at the Visitor's Center.

Princess Luna: We'll be in touch.

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Princess Luna: You're enjoying it, Are you Isamu.

Snowdrop: Which room are we going to sleep in, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: This way, Snowdrop.

In the room, Luna and Hiro were unpacking their supplies.

Princess Luna: (unpacking her hairbrush, comb, boots, toothbrush, toothpaste, perfume, family album and picture of her family) Yuna must very excited about Genesis Park.

Hiro: And we let her cousins and friends join her and Snowdrop.

Princess Luna: After all, It is her birthday and she gets to choose and activity.

Prince Isamu: (fussing wanting to be picked up)

Princess Luna: Alright, Isamu. (picks up her baby)

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Princess Luna: You're excited too, Aren't you now?

In the other room, Yuna and her friends and cousins started unpacking her things.

Princess Yuna: Well, We've better keep up with the agenda.

Snowdrop: I sure can't wait to have lots of fun.

Princess Twila: Me either.

Nyx: Isn't this exciting?

Armor Bride: You bet it is.

Princess Skyla: So, Yuna's What's the first thing we're doing in Genesis Park?

Princess Yuna: You'll see, Skyla.

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