(Stealth Elf and her friends are wondering around the Darkness and they look shock)

Jet-Vac: Huh?

Stealth Elf: Was that...

Pop Fizz: Oh no.

(They saw the Mushroom Kingdom covered in Darkness)

Stealth Elf: Why is Mario's World... Here in the Darkness?

Jet-Vac: I don't know.

Pop Fizz: Me too.

They saw Heartless, they fight them and they defeated them

Stealth Elf: There's no "time" in the Realm of Darkness. We walk on and on without end. In the realm of light, do days or years pass with each step? I know something has started to go wrong, we must hurry.

They went off and see the path collapse

Pop Fizz: Oh no.

Stealth Elf: I guess we know what we're going.

They went off

Stealth Elf: I haven't felt like hearts stir in a long time. Something about this place...

Jet-Vac: We hope.

Then more Heartless appeared

Pop Fizz: Not again.

Stealth Elf: It looks like worst thing has stirring.

They made it to town

Stealth Elf: We took it for granted. I thought we had nothing in life to lose.

They remember all the People from their Worlds in their Adventures

Stealth Elf: Here, too. Everyone in this world thought that they were safe.

Jet-Vac: Not just the People... but the dog waiting for his owner... the cat curled up in her nook...

Pop Fizz: So much life. Trees and Flowers... There's no deeper sadness than discovering all that you knew is gone. The grief in this place is too much fathom.

Stealth Elf: That's enough. We can't keep on wishing for the past.

Jet-Vac: She's right. Let's go.

They went off and they are going to Peach's Castle and then the Road Collapse, they avoid the Road that Collapse

Stealth Elf: The Road Collapse when the Stars are gone.

They saw a Star

Stealth Elf: If only we could make in time, but there's no time in place, only... the Stars.

Pop Fizz: Yeah.

They hit it and it went to Peach's Castle and the road is coming back

Stealth Elf: If we find enough stars. We can restored the road.

Jet-Vac: Ok. Let's go find them.

After they find all the Stars, they look at the Kingdom

Jet-Vac: That's all of them.

Stealth Elf: Not even, Memories... are safe in the Darkness.

They went off to Peach's Castle

Stealth Elf: What we wouldn't give to really  turn back time... so spend one more night beneath the stars with our best friends.

Jet-Vac: Yeah.

Stealth Elf: (Sigh) I'm doing it again.

????: Guys...

They saw Eruptor

Stealth Elf: What the? What are you doing here?

Jet-Vac: I thought you were gone? Wait, does that mean...

Pop Fizz: You're still alive, here in the Realm of Darkness?

Stealth Elf: Why won't you say anything to us?

They reach his hand and it went pass through him, and they know that Eruptor is an Illusion.

So what are you? A memory among these Shadows. are you here to... Try and tell us not to lose heart?

They disappeared

Stealth Elf: The World keeps our thoughts alive.

Jet-Vac: But where did the People who live here go, once the world has taken away.

Pop Fizz: Well, at least they're not here. So, they haven't fallen into Darkness. We'll take what solace we can from that.

They left Mushroom Kingdom

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