Here's how going in the caves and some of the groups split up in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[Our heroes are still wondering in the caves]

[And soon they came to a 6-way path]

Margaret: Now which way to the tomb?

[Everyone looks at Rabbit]

Rabbit: Don't look at me.

Brian: Aw, that's just fantastic. Now we don't know which way were to go, the Deceptitrains are still looking for us. As well as the T-1000. And a hybrid dinosaur! And there's an ancient Trainbot warrior in here that guards this cave and the tomb. And he's going to find and kill us!

Eddy: Will you chill?

Brian: Not really!

Pooh: Bother. Think, think! If each of us went to the other one hasn't, think. And one where another wasn't, about which I mean to say: "Perhaps we should, split up?".

Rabbit: Why, Pooh Bear. I believe that's a very smart idea.

Pooh: I'm so glad you liked it. [chuckles] Whatever it, was.

[Soon the groups split up]

[With one of the other groups]

Percy: Don't worry, we'll get that crystal. I know it.

[Then they all hear a strange high-pitched howl]

Rabbit: What's that?

Piglet: Oh, de, dear!


[with on of the groups, they start going going through overgrown roots]

Rachel: Oh! This is going to scratch my pink paint really badly!

Hugs: Oh, shut up!

[then one set of roots T.C. hits, something breaks loose and lands on his face]

T.C.: OW!!

Hugs and Rachel: T.C.!!

Puffer: What? [looks back and notice's T.C.'s new mask] AAAH!! THE CLOGGERSAURUS!!

Knockout: It's not the Cloggersaurus, Puffer. It's T.C. wearing some wacko mask!

Puffer: Really?

T.C.: Well, I guess I'm the cloggersaurus! [roars]

Hugs: Ah! Help! It's the cloggersaurus! [laughs]

T.C.: [roars]

Puffer: Oh no! We're in danger! [laughs]

T.C.: [roars]

Rachel: [says while laughing] Help us someone! The cloggersaurus is here!

Jenny: [laughing] Please, don't hurt us.

Daylight: Yeah. What are you going to do? [laughing]

Pepper Clark: This is hilarious! I'm in stitches! [laughing really hard]

[then they hear a growl]

Hugs: AH! [she then backs up, and drives into a siding. In which she bumps into some old trucks. Then the coupling of the truck behind her (which is similar to a wagon's handle) falls down and couples into itself onto Hugs (But she doesn't notice).] I think our little fun time is attracting the real cloggersaurus!

Rachel: Then I think it's best if we keep quiet.

Hugs: Yeah, I'm with you Rachel.

[somewhere else]

Rabbit: [meets up some of the group] Boy am I glad to see you guys.

Mike: We could say the same, Rabbit.

Twilight: Did you hear that whistle too?

Rabbit: Yeah, what about you guys?

SpongeBob: Yeah.

Hera Sydulla: Well, whatever you do. Don't touch anything, and let's stick toge... [falls in a hole] THEEEEEEERRRRR!!!

Kanan Jarrus: Hera? Hera! Where are you?! Hera! Hey, Hera! Her... (falls down hole) RAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Rabbit: KANAN!! [falls down the hole] AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Spongebob: Rab.. [falls down hole] BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike: Sponge... [falls down hole] BAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Fix-it Felix: Mike? Mi.. [falls down hole] IAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twilight: Felix! Fel..[falls down hole] LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!

Cadance: Twi... [falls down the hole] LIIIIIIIAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Pooh: Cadance?

[Rabbit, Felix, Spongebob, Twilight, Cadance, Mike, Hera, and Kanan are now tumbling head over heels down a tunnel]

Rabbit, Felix, Spongebob, Twilight, Cadance, Mike, Hera, and Kanan [grunting, and yelling as they tumble]

[With another group]

Tigger: Come here crystal.

Sagwa: Tigger, that's not how it works.

Vinnie: Hey, maybe the crystal's in here. [looks into a cave port]

Zeb: I can't see anything!

[Then bats came out]

Rarity: AAH! BATS!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[they take off running]

Pooh: Rarity?

[Rabbit, Felix, Spongebob, Twilight, Cadance, Mike, Hera, and Kanan continue tumbling head over heels down the tunnel, grunting and yelling at the same time]

[somewhere else]

[Fluttershy, Piglet, C-3PO, R2, and Sunil are still running (From the whistle from before)]

[then they start sipping on pebbles]

Piglet: Ooh! AAH! AHH!


Pooh: Sunil?

C-3PO: R2, do something!

R2: [beeping]

Fluttershy: WHOA! AAH! AH!

[then they start slipping towards the edge of a ledge]

Sunil Nevla: Edge!

[They fall]

[they all land on Hug's cab roof]

Hugs: [when she feels the thump] AAAAHH!! THE CLOGGERSAURUS!!! I FELT HIM HIT ME!!

Rachel: YOU HAVE?!

Sabine Wren: FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!

Puffer: AAH!! RUUUUNN!!!!

[they take off at full speed]

[the trucks Hugs is pulling make a clattering sound]

Hugs: Ah! He's chasing us!

Rachel: No! Not us! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

[Fluttershy, C-3PO, R2, Sunil, and Piglet look up and they see T.C.'s shadow and think it's the Cloggersaurus]

[Then we see Kevin (train) chuffing along]

Kevin (train): I may be fun. But I'm also strict. [then sees something] Huh?

[sees the others]

Kevin (train): THE CLOGGERSAURUS! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! [screeches to a stop and backs up fast, whistling as he does] The Cloggersaurus! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Pooh: Rachel? Kevin?

[With Brian's group]

Skyla: [nervous] There's no such thing as a Cloggersaurus, there's no such thing as a Cloggersaurus, there's no such thing as a Cloggersaurus.

Yuna: [places her wing on her] There's nothing to be afraid of, Skyla.

Snowdrop: We're gonna find that crystal, in no time.

Nyx: Yeah, we'll be just fine.

Skyla: Easy for you to say Nyx, you have a Terminator bodyguard! [stumbles on skeletons and then one of their heads falls off] AAH!

Human Rainbow Dash: Skyla. 2 words, okay? [says as she points to each finger] "Clam, down".

Skyla: Clam down!? I can't calm down at a time like this!

Human Applejack: Sky, you really need ta learn ta' be braver than this! Ya' can't just be scared all the time!

Skyla: Why?

Human Applejack: Cause' y'all will be messed up fer' the rest ta' yer' life!

Skyla: Oh, really?! Because all I know is, the Cloggersaurus, is somewhere here, and a Trainbot warrior ready to kill trespassers! [cries]

Human Fluttershy: [embraces her] Guys stop it, she's really scared!

Human Applejack: Sorry.

Skyla: It's fine.

Human Fluttershy: [strokes her mane] Shhhhh...

Human Rarity: Well, if we do see that warrior and that dinosaur, [cocks her rifle] we'll be ready.

Vinny: Yeah, what she said. [cocks his shotgun]

Human Pinkie: Yep! Right, Mr. Terminator?

Terminator: Affirmative.

Human Fluttershy: [stroking Skyla's mane] Don't be afraid

Vinny: [sees something] Whoa, check it out guys.

[We see a large footprint]

Human Rarity: Good heavens!

Brian: That's a big footprint.

Human Applejack: The Cloggersaurus or the ancient warrior must be close.

[Then steady breathing is heard]

Brian: Very funny guys.

Yuna: What?

Brian: [mimicking Morley] "First: You'll hear steady breathing", just like from the story. Huh get it?

[Everyone looks at him]

Brian: Huh?

[The breathing gets louder]

Skyla: Brian, please tell me that was your stomach.

Brian: It's not me! It must be the echoes of this cave. This place isn't build around for a tomb.

[then 2 drops of oil came down]

Skyla: [notices the 2 droppings of oil] The second sign!

Brian: What second sign?

Skyla: [mimicking Morley] "Next: You'll see drops of saliva"! The Cloggersaurus is hear!

Brian: Skyla, I'm not doing this! Okay, calm down, calm down. Okay, where was I? First was the breath, then the saliva, and was that third thing?

[Then they heard more breathing and they slowly look up and see red glowing eyes, with horns, and rows of razor sharp teeth!]

Skyla: LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [her eyebrows rise and shake] THE CLOGGERSAURUS!!!!!!

Dinosaur: [growls] [then he roars out a huge fireball!]

Skyla: AAAAAAAHHHH!!! [takes off running]

Nyx: Let's... get... OUT OF HERE!!!!! [takes off running, and the others do to]

[then a huge robot Carnotaurus bursts out of the wall]

Skyla: HELP ME!!!

Carnotaurus: [roars, as he stomps after them, stepping on bones in the process]

Carnotaurus: ROAAAAAAARRRR!!!! [shoots out fire]

Terminator: Guys, look out!

[They move aside]

Skyla: Ah! [she slowly backs away from the huge beast]

Carnotaurus: [roars out more fire and slowly approaches Skyla]


Carnotaurus: [looks back] [growls]

Human Rainbow: [has one of her Desert Eagles in hand] Leave her alone, big guy!

Carnotaurus: [roars like the Carnotaurus from Dinosaur]

Terminator: [fires his shotgun] Gotcha!

Dile: [fires his shotgun]

Carnotaururs: [slings his tail, which makes the Dile fly]

Dile: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! [lands on the ground] BOF! Uh!

Human Pinkie: Dile!

Dile: Don't worry! [gives a thumbs up] I'm okay.

Carnotaurus: ROAR!!!!!!! [comes to the Terminator]

Terminator: [grabs his horns, and flips him over]

Carnotaurus: [gets back up] [growling] [he was just about to attack him, when something hits him] 

Human Rainbow: [fires her Desert Eagles]

Carnotaurus: [hears Sunil screaming] [growling]

[the Carnotaurus then leaves, following Sunil's scream]

Vinny: That's Sunil!

Brian: Come on!

Skyla: Mommy!

Pooh: Skyla?

[somewhere else]

[some of the group are racing down the tracks of a tunnel]

J.J.: We've got to find that crystal!

[Soon, they start going down a hill]

Mako: Uh guys, do you think we should slow down?

Rheneas: Whoa! WHOA! Whoa! OH! WHOA!!!

Pooh: Rheneas.

[Pooh then starts walking behind some crystals]

Rabbit, Felix, Spongebob, Twilight, Cadance, Mike, Hera, and Kanan: [grunting, and yelling as they tumble]

[then on a hole on the side of the wall, Hera pops out]

Hera Sydulla: DAAAH!!! [hits the ground] Oof!

Kanan Jarrus: [flies out] WHOA!!! [lands on Hera and then his Lightsaber flies out and bonks him on the head]

[then Rabbit pops out]

Rabbit: Ye, haha! Ye-ah!! [hits the ground]

Spongebob: Ooh! Ew! AH! [flys out of the hole] AAAH!!! [hits the ground] [then his rifle pops out and hits him in the head, followed by both of his revolvers]

Mike: [hits the ground] OW!!

Fix-it Felix: [flies out the hole] WHOA!! [lands on Spongebob]

Twilight: GAAH!!! [flies out and lands on Felix] OOF!! [her shotgun flies out and hits her back]

Cadance: OW! OOH! EE! [flis out] AAAHH!! [lands on Twilight] OOH! [her rifle flies out and hits her on her back] (as her guns hit her) Booh!!

Spongebob: What a ride!

[with the others]


Whiffle: [sees something] Tunnel! Dead ahead!

Ezra Bridger: BRAKES!!!

[all the engines brake hard, but they slide on the slick rails]

R3-X3: WHOA!!!!

[They went through the tunnel and as they go through, T.C. loses his mask]

Vinnie Terrio: HELP!!!

[Tigger, Vanellope, Ralph, Zeb, Sagwa, Sheegwa, Vinnie Terrio, and Rarity come running in the room]

Tigger: [gibbering]

Mighty Joe: Look out!

Kevin (train): [whistling fit to burst] CLOGGERSAURUS!!!!!!!

Mako: LOOK OUT!!!!

Brian: Guys!

Hera Syndulla: Oh no...

Tigger: [gibbering]


[everyone is in a big pile up]

Puffer: Are you alright?

Kanan Jarrus: Yeah, I'm fine.

Human Pinkie: Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Who's up for round 2?

Pinkie: ME!!

Mako: That was a hoot!

Hugs: T. you alright?

T.C.: Yeah Hugs, I'm okay. [notices something] Hey, I can see out of my left eye again! [looks around his face] Hey, where'd my mask go?

Hera Sydulla: What mask?

Daylight: T.C. was wearing a mask, that looked like the Cloggersaurus.

Skyla: Mommy, I saw the Cloggersaurus!

Cadance: You did?

Nyx: She really did!

Yuna: It was huge! He could even breath fire!

Rachel: We saw the Cloggersaurus too!

Kanan Jarrus: Really?

Hugs: Yeah, I felt him hit my cab roof. And while we were running, we could hear him clattering behind!

Vinny: [looks behind Hugs] All I see are, old trucks.

Hugs: Huh, wonder how those got there? Okay, then who hit my cab roof?

Percy: It's only Fluttershy, Piglet, 3PO, R2, and Sunil.

Hugs: Oh.

Yuna: What about the Cloggersaurus we saw?

Brian: It wasn't the Cloggersaurus! It was a Carnotaurus. Me and my team saw one years ago. And it's coming this way, we need to move now.


Applejack: What was that?

Rabbit: [looks up in horror] There it is, there it is! [pointing to something]

Kevin (Train): [gasp!] HOLY!!!

[We see the Cloggersaurus (who is really a distorted Pooh through crystals)]

Tigger: It's the terribibelist, Cloggersaurus I've ever seen! Not to mention the only one.

[Pooh makes a scary face through the crystals and starts walking towards them]

Everyone: [screaming, while the robot Carnotaurus, sees them running away down a tunnel]

Pooh: Did, someone say: "Cloggersaurus?" [he slides down a slide] AAAHHH!!!!!!!

[The Carnotaurus, knows where Pooh is going and takes a short cut]

[everyone is running down a hallway and then they slip and fall, then they slide forward and almost fly off a cliff!]

[we then look at the huge drop from the ledge as pebbles and one rock fall into the endless abyss, and after 3 minutes, we hear the rock hit the ground]

Roberta Bravo: Whoa, that is deep!

Hanah Streaker: [hanging on Roberta's tail in her mouth] (muffled) So glad we didn't end up down there!

Pooh: [slides while he screams]

Shai-Shay: Did you hear that?!

Tigger: Yeah. The Cloggersaurus, he got Pooh.

Pooh: [merges between some crystals] Pigwet? Wabbit! Tigger!

Tigger: I'm gonna miss that bear. (sniffs)

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