This is how in the derset and Thomas sees Alpha Trion again goes in The Amazing Train-Prime Adventure.

[We see our heroes racing through a hot desert. Grimlock stops suddenly and sniffs the air]

James: What is he afraid of? He's the biggest thing on Earth. Well, used to be.

Thomas: I think Grimlock can sense that there's danger nearby.

[Optimus transforms into robot mode and looks around]

Optimus Prime: I don't see any danger.

Percy: Neither do I.

Thomas: Well, there has to be something wrong. [transforms into robot mode]

Yuna: Whoa! This desert seems to stretch on for miles!

Skyla: I know right?

James: Hmm.

[StarSound is standing on a rocky peak nearby. She looks down at Thomas]

Starsmoke: [on COMM] StarSound, have you found the tank engine yet?

StarSound: Yes, Master. His name is Thomas. Or according to Trainbot history, OpThomas Prime.

Starsmoke: [on COMM] What?! But Hunter killed them all eons ago.

StarSound: Maybe so. But, this one still lives.

[on the ground, Megatron transforms into robot mode and stands still for a moment]

Twilight: What's the matter, Megatron?

[Megatron says nothing. James transforms into robot mode and waves a hand in front of his face]

James: Umm. Hello? Earth to Megatron?

Megatron: Oh, sorry. [laughs nervously]

Scootaloo: What's wrong with you?

Megatron: I don't know. It's just that I've got this feeling.

Rainbow: But you just stare at the sky and when we ask you something you do it still.

Stephen: Does anyone have the feeling someone's watching us?

Percy: I do, kind of.

Henry: [as Indiana Jomes] Oh. That can't be good.

[Up on the rocky peak, StarSound quickly hides from our heroes' view. Optimus looks around and sees no one]

Optimus: [laughs] Stephen, there's no one there.

Stephen: You can't be too sure you know.

Fluttershy: You know, somethings people say aren't entirely true.

Stephen: I know that, I've heard every piece of advice and expression ever made. But I still have the feeling we're being watched.

Edward: Whatever it is, we can't see it. Let's keep going and keep your eyes open.

Thomas: Maybe that's the feeling that Megatron and Grimlock have.

[Our heroes move away. On the rocky peak, StarSound peaks out from her hiding place, jumps down and silently follows them]

Applejack: You know, somethin' ain't right.

Stephen: I told you.

Yuna: Whatever! Let's keep going.

[The team continues on. StarSound stays put and sends out a drone]

StarSound: Now, they won't get the feeling that "someone" is watching them.

[The drone follows the group as they continue on their way]

Applejack: Ah' ain't gettin' that feelin' somepony is watchin' us anymore.

Stephen: Neither am I.

[Thomas suddenly stops and puts his hand to his head, grunting. Everyone stops and looks at him]

Percy: What's wrong, Thomas?

Thomas: I think Alpha Trion's trying to contact me agai.... [he suddenly collaspes to the ground, unconscious]

Twilight: [gasp] Thomas!

Bumblebee: Is he okay?

Optimus: I don't know. But he said something about Alpha Trion!

[in the dark space, Thomas wakes up and sees Alpha Trion]

Thomas: What is it, Alpha?

Alpha Trion: Thomas. StarSound's been following you.

Thomas: Star-who?

Alpha Trion: StarSound. One of Starsmoke's fellow Deceptitrains.

Thomas: Oh, no. That can't be good.

Alpha Trion: It isn't. And one of StarSound's drones is watching you right now.

Thomas: [gasp] But then, that means...

Alpha Trion: Yes. Starsmoke is trying find out more about you and your powers.

Thomas: I won't let him get away with this.

Alpha Trion: I know you won't, Thomas. Starsmoke won't stand a chance against you.

Thomas: I know he won't.

Twilight's voice: [echos] Thomas!

Thomas: Oh, no. That's Twilight! She's waking me up.

Alpha Trion: Indeed. I'll see you again later. Got it?

Thomas: Got it.

Alpha Trion: Goodbye, Thomas. [disappears]

Thomas: Goodbye, Alpha. And thank you. [lays back down and closes his eyes]

[back in reality]

Thomas: [groans] Twilight? Is that you?

Twilight: Yes. It's me, Thom.

Thomas: [gets up groaning]

Ratchet: Are you alright?

Thomas: Yeah, Ratchet. I'm fine.

Optimus: You said something about Alpha Trion.

Thomas: Yes, I did. I was about to tell you that he was trying to contact me again until I fell unconscious. Well, anyways, how long was I out?

Ratchet: About an hour. Although, I still don't quite understand one thing.

Thomas: Well, what is it?

Ratchet: It's just... [sighs] How can Alpha Trion talk to you? I mean, he was killed during Cybertron's destruction.

Optimus: Ratchet, remember that day when I came back to base with the Star Sabre and it started glowing and I stared at it without saying a word?

Thomas: You should remember that cause I remember it.

Ratchet: [sighs] Kind of.

Optimus: Well, that all lead up to me having a vision of my mentor.

Thomas: Anyways, Alpha Trion told me that Starsmoke's fellow Deceptitrain, StarSound, is watching us.

Twilight: What? What are you talking about?

Stephen: I knew it!

Thomas: Starsmoke has many other Deceptitrains working for him. Alpha Trion said each one of them had strengths and weaknesses.

Rarity: What strength and weakness does Starsmoke have?

Thomas: I don't really know. Alpha Trion didn't get enough time to tell me.

Rainbow: Let me guess, because Twilight woke you up?

Thomas: Yes.

Twilight: I'm sorry if I didn't give him enough time.

Thomas: That's okay, Twi. [gets up]

Percy: Well, It's good to see that you don't have any injuries.

Pinkie: Yeah.

Twilight: Well, what else did Alpha Trion say?

Thomas: As I told you, he didn't get enough time.

James: [starts to leave] You guys just work out the details. I'm going to look for StarSound. [walks off]

Bumblebee: What's up with him?

Rarity: He's probably just having another one of his tantrums again.

Sweetie Belle: Well, now that you mention it, James has been acting weird lately.

Rarity: What are you talking about, Sweetie Belle?

Sweetie Belle: Well, it's just that he's been acting really weird and I have no idea what's up with him.

Rarity: Well, just don't worry about it, Sweetie! James is just being who he is.

Sweetie Belle: I hope he's alright.

Rarity: I do too.

Sweetie Belle: I know you really like James and I don't like to see you worried about him.

Rarity: Don't worry, sweetheart. I can handle my feelings whether I'm worried or not.

Sweetie Belle: I know, Rarity. You tell me everyday. But I still can't help feel worried for you.

Rarity: I'm glad to have a caring sister like you Sweetie.

[They hug]

Pinkie: Yay! Hugs! Hugs are always good!

Thomas: Yeah, Pinkie. We get it.

Percy: Now let's get going before something else happens.

Bumblebee: I'm gonna go find James.

Applejack: Okay, Buzz Bot.

Apple Bloom: See ya' in a minute.

[Bumblebee transforms into his muscle car form and drives off. Elsewhere, out of the view of the others, James is looking around for StarSound]

James: Alright, StarSound! Wherever you are, come on out! [aiming with his plasma cannon]

[StarSound's drone comes out of nowhere and attacks James from behind]

James: Argh!

[he hits the ground]

[StarSound comes out and lets the drone rest on her arm]

StarSound: Good job.

[James gets up as StarSound inserts the drone into her chest]

James: StarSound.

StarSound: James, is it?

James: Yeah, that's me.

StarSound: You're Thomas' friend. Am I correct?

James: Yeah.

StarSound: The number 5 red engine. I do believe you know a certain OpThomas Prime.

James: How do you know about my friend?

StarSound: I learned about him when I was following you.

James: Anyways, I'm here to battle you.

StarSound: Well then, if you want to start now, [brings out a laser pistol] Bring it on.

James: Okay. [cracks his knuckles]

[The two bots stare at each other for a moment and then James fires his plasma cannon at StarSound]

James: Hah!

StarSound: [the blast hit her but cause her no damage] You expect that to injure me?

James: Well, yes.

StarSound: Well, you're wrong. [closes her visor over her face and headbutts James into a rocky wall]

[All of a sudden, Bumblebee shows up]

Bumblebee: James!

StarSound: You again?! [fires her laser pistol at him]

Bumblebee: [jumps to avoid the shot and he fires his plasma cannon at her]

James: Bumblebee, be careful. She can't be damaged and she's very strong!

Bumblebee: I'll be careful, James!

James: Oh, good.

[StarSound suddenly fires a shot in the wrong direction, right towards where James is. Bumblebee notices]

Bumblebee: James, look out!

[the shot hits a rocky cliff and it breaks into boulders that fall on James]

Bumblebee: James!

StarSound: [evil laughter] Now that he's out of the way, we can resume fighting.

Bumblebee: You won't get away with this! [throws a boulder at her]

StarSound: [dodges it] Well, I already have.

Bumblebee: [throws another boulder]

StarSound: [dodges it] I can't believe you're that bad-a thrower.

[under the boulders, James starts to slowly lift up the biggest ones]

[Meanwhile, outside, Bumblebee and StarSound continue fighting]

StarSound: [fires her laser pistol]

Bumblebee: [fires his arm cannons]

[Bumblebee manages to fight StarSound off. He then sees the biggest boulders starting to move and James comes out, injured and severly damaged]

Bumblebee: James, you're hurt!

James: I'm fine, Bee. [slowly get up but suddenly feels a slight pain]

Bumblebee: No, you're not. I'm going to call Ratchet.

James: No! There's no need for that! Right now, we've got to get after StarSound. She's getting away.

Bumblebee: I know. But you need to be repaired. [activates his COMM] Ratchet, James has been severly damaged. We need you down here now.

Ratchet: [on COMM] Okay, 'Bee. I'm on my way.

[Back at Starsmoke's lair, StarSound chuffs up to Starsmoke]

StarSound: Lord Starsmoke.

Starsmoke: What is it?

StarSound: I found out some infomation on that tank engine like you said.

Starsmoke: Congratulations, StarSound. You serve me well.

StarSound: I know I do;

Starsmoke: Anyways, what did you find out?

StarSound: I found that his name is Thomas. And that he comes from an island called Sodor.

Starsmoke: Yes. And what else?

StarSound: Well, he helped his friends out of a predicament and become a Train-Prime.

Starsmoke: What?! But Hunter killed the Train-Primes years ago.

StarSound: Maybe so, but there is one that still lives. And that Train-Prime is Thomas.

Starsmoke: Well, we must come up with a better plan.

StarSound: Yeah. Indeed, we must.

Starsmoke: Please go to your quaters. I need to think of a better plan.

StarSound: Yes, Master. I will not disturb you.

Starsmoke: Thank you, StarSound.

StarSound: You're very welcome, Lord Starsmoke! [leaves]

Starsmoke: [in his head] I hope I can come up with a good plan.

[Back in the desert, Ratchet is tending to the injured James]

Ratchet: James, the next time you decide to take a Deceptitrain head on, call for back up.

James: I don't need back up, Ratchet. I can handle them alone.

Bumblebee: Well, you should've called for back up in the first place.

James: I told you I don't need it!

Bumblebee: Oh, come on.

Ratchet: There you go. Now, you stay off that leg for a while.

James: Okay, Ratchet. [slowly gets up with Bumblebee surpporting him]

Bumblebee: Here, James. I'll carry you. [puts James on his back]

Rarity: Thanks for taking care of my handsome engine, Ratchet.

Ratchet: You're very welcome, Rarity.

Rarity: Are you okay, James?

James: Yeah, Rarity. I'm fine. Just a little damaged, that's all. [grunts in pain]

Rarity: You worry me sometimes, James. I just don't like you getting hurt. It makes me think you're going to die.

James: Well, I'm not.

Arcee: We're just glad that you're still with us.

James: I know that, Arcee.

Rarity: Well, we just wanted to know one thing.

Bulkhead: You've been acting weird lately. What is it that's making you act weird?

James: I don't really know. I think it's probably just a glitch.

Gordon: You call your behaviour, a glitch?!

Thomas: Gordon, there's no need to get bad-tempered. A glitch is what he thinks it is.

Gordon: Yes. But I think otherwise.

Edward: Well, whatever, what James thinks is causing his weird behaviour is what he thinks is causing his weird behaviour.

Thomas: Yeah. So, it doesn't really matter.

Optimus: Wait, Thomas. Remember that day that you saw what you thought was the ghost of one of the Train-Primes who told you about your past on Cybertron during its Golden Ages?

Thomas: Yeah. He told me that I was sent to Earth to be protected from the Deceptitrains as a sparkling.

Optimus: Well, that wasn't really his ghost.

Thomas: It wasn't?

Optimus: No.

Thomas: Then, you're saying that Train-Prime was one from the past that came back to life?

Optimus: Yeah. That's what I'm saying.

Thomas: Why didn't you tell me this earlier?

Optimus: It was just too early. So, I didn't have enough time.

Thomas: Oh. Optimus?

Optimus: Yeah?

Thomas: Do you think one day, I might discover my past?

Optimus: I believe so, Thomas.

Twilight: Well, I don't understand what the Train-Prime meant by "Destined for greatness".

Thomas: Yeah. Neither do I.

Optimus: I know. But that is for you to figure out.

Thomas: I know. But how will I do it?

Optimus: I don't know.

Thomas: Well, I have to try, if I ever want to discover my past.

Smokescreen: We know that, kid.

Arcee: Even you have greatest of antics.

Thomas: Thanks, Arcee.

Shining Armor: Well, anyways, what was that Train-Prime's name? You know, the one who told Thomas about his past?

Optimus: I don't know. But one day, Thomas will figure it out.

Cadance: Do you think that Train-Prime could've been trying to tell Thomas the same things Alpha Trion told him?

Optimus: I don't know. But Thomas figure it out in the future.

Twilight: Anyways, we still don't know what Starsmoke's strength and weakness is.

Shining Armor: We'll find out soon.

[they all set off again as we fade out of this scene and into the next]