The way In the old dark tunnel goes in Revenge of the Ghost Train.

Meanwhile, outside the old tunnel.

Princess Yuna: (hiding in the bush)

Nyx: I'm scared.

Cheetor: You'll be okay, Nyx, Just stay close to me.

Snowdrop: How dark do you guys think it is?

Volectro: Very Dark!

Snowdrop: Quiet down.

Volectro: Sorry, What now, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: We will wait until they come out of the tunnel.

Red Beret: Good plan.

In the tunnel.

Stephen: It is dark in here.

Sparky: Hello?! (echoing)

Gordon: Well, Let's keep our eyes open.

Spooky voice: Gordon!

Maru: What was that?

Stephen: (turns around and sees scary looking old cars)

Maru: Is those what I thought they were?








(Then, the old cars vanished)

Bertie: They're gone.

Chug: Maybe, we should get the proton packs.

Sparky: Good idea.

Stephen, Gordon, Maru, Chug, Sparky, Bertie and Terence moving slowly through the tunnel. Then, they heard a strange noise and stopped.

Terence: What's that?

Bertie: This tunnel is been old for years.

Terence: Oh.

Stephen, Gordon, Maru, Chug, Sparky, Bertie and Terence moving slowly. Then, they heard a ghostly whistle and stopped.

Stephen: What's that noise?

Maru: Probably one of the tunnels above us.

Stephen: I don't know. But, sounds awfully close to me.

(Then, came the ghost of the New York Central City Albany)

Stephen, Gordon, Maru, Chug, Sparky and Terence: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Chug: What was that?

Maru: I bet that was the old New York Central City Albany! Derailed in 1920! Kills hundred of people! Did you catch the number of that locomotive?

Bertie: Sorry. I missed it.

Stephen: We better repot this to the others.

Gordon: Let's get out of here.

Sparky: Right behind you.

With Yuna and the others.

Princess Yuna: Did you hear that?

Princess Skyla: I think it's the Ghost Train.

Princess Yuna: Maybe you're right.

Sunbeam: Run!

Zaptor: Right behind you!

Blue Star: Come on, Jet!

Super Jetstream: Okay, Blue.

Shuff: We're out of here!

Zorch: Hey! Wait for me!

Super Jetstream: (zooms back and get Zorch)

Zorch: Thanks, Jet! (zooms away)

Super Jetstream: No problem!

Princess Yuna: Hurry to the Clubhouse!

Nyx: Wait for us!

Cheetor: Let's get out of here!

At the clubhouse.

Seismo: (locked the doors and windows and close the curtains)

Krader: (hammers the boards on the door)

Shuff: (puts some stuff to block the door)

Brownie: Phew!

Red Beret: That was a close one!

Thunder Spectrum: You said it!

Nyx: (panting) I knew it was scary!

Kraw: What do we do?! What do we dooooooo?!?

Hoogi: What are we dooooo?!

WALL-E: (takes cover)

2: Does someone check the window to make sure the Ghost Train is gone?

Volectro: Yes siree, 2.

Shuff: Every nook and cranny.

Everyone: (looked at Volectro and Shuff)

Volectro: Oof!

Blue Star: Just go check.

Shuff: O-o-ok!

Volectro: Alright!

Shuff: (takes one peek)

Princess Yuna: Is he gone yet?

Volectro: I think so.

Shuff: I don't see it either.

Princess Yuna: Did you see the Ghost Train's face?

Volectro: Not yet.

Shuff: Look!

Volectro: Now we do!

Shuff and Volectro: RUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

Shuff: We're back!

Volectro: We saw the Ghost Train and Tirek!!!

Flain: Sounds terrified!

Nyx: I don't like the sound of ghosts.

Sunbeam: This is way scary than the Monster Under the Shed.

Emerald: Yeah.

Balk: What about the little blue engine?

Emerald: Sir Handel get's scared sometimes too

Seismo: (scared, screamed and fainted)

Nyx: This is too scary for me.

Flurr: (gives up) You know, This isn't working out.

Princess Skyla: (gives up) Maybe we give up on the club.

Snowdrop: Give up!?

Princess Yuna: Guys, We can't give up, We came this far, Didn't we?

Tigatron: She's right!

Airazor: We must be brave!

Princess Yuna: and Stay strong, We're not going to be scared forever, Are we?

Everyone: No.

Princess Yuna: No! Do we ever save Maru and Dottie's wedding? Do you give up?

Everyone: No.

Princess Yuna: NO!

Princess Twila: We're never giving up our Ghost Train Buster Club!

Nyx: They need our support!

Princess Yuna: Come on, guys! Let's help the Ghost Train Busters! Let's be brave like Gator!

Everyone: Yeah!

Princess Yuna: Let's do this!

Tigatron: Tigatron, Maximize! (morphs into his robot form)

Airazor; Airazor, Maximize! (morphs into his robot form)

Cheetor: Cheetor, Maximize! (morphs into his robot form)

Silverbolt: Silverbolt, Maximize! (morphs into his robot form)

Blackarachnia: Blackarachnia, Maximize! (morphs into her robot form)

Flain: (has Cubits)


Emerald: Time to hunt us a Ghost Train!

Princess Yuna: Let's move out!

Nyx: I'm with you all the way!

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