Here's how the in the present and the prison escape goes in Wrath of the Country.

Optimus: These are trouble times. Thomas the Tank Engine has left Earth, to find the true Train-Prime. Some say he will never return. While Megatrain, leader of the Deceptitrains has been brought back to life. And Tirek has been put in an underground prison, where he will rot for his crimes. Even though humans have put their faith and trust with the Trainsformers, they are delcared illegal on Earth, after the battle of Empress Krone. And the world has set up a new force. The TES, aka, the "Trainsformers Extermination Squad". But except in Hawaii, which has became a safe haven for them.

Railwreaker: Yo! C'mon! Let's go, beach time!

Carl: He's busy!

Railwreaker: He's always busy!

[Then we see Jimmy Neutron]

Jimmy: Carl! I said Ice! Ice!

Optimus: But still, they keep coming to Earth. Too many to count. We look up to the sky, and wonder why they keep coming. But now, the truth is near....

Scientist: Quick, go get the director now!

[Then it cuts to a prison and a car drives up to it, and out comes a person in a costume]

The Warden: Welcome, I am the Warden. And this is your new home, and you'll be here for the rest of your pathetic life. Come forward.

[They head inside and hop into an elevator and it goes down]

The Warden: We are going underground, impossible to escape. And it's over 30 degrees cold down here, not even a fly can survive it.

[The go forward and we see Tirek in a tube]

The Warden: And this is Lord Tirek, he's not an old whimpy chicken. And he's not dead, he's just trapped inside. And this is where you will be staying for the rest of your life in a tube. So, any last words?

Person: You have no idea who you're dealing with?

The Warden: Who I'm? [burst out into laughter] Who am I dealing with?! [laughs] Take off the mask.

[The other police men do so and it reveals to be Jessica Shrew!]

The Warden: Jessica Shrew? Well! I'll be dammed! You're gonna love this play, I know it.

Trixie: Why don't your try sticking your head in a oven?

The Warden: Oh... [hits her stomach with his club] Lock her up!

[He leaves as they get to work. Then it cuts outside, where a motorcycle stops a few feet away from the prison with a stallion riding on it. Then he releases robotic fireflies. And they fly to the prison, then it cuts back inside where Jessica and Tirek are in there tubes. Then Jessica sees the camera footage of the fireflies and she closes her eyes, and he beeping machine stops]

Doctor: Full arrest! Full arrest! No drill! Bring the restrains!

[They run to her tube, and open up the containment lid]

Doctor: Where's the serum? Quickly!

[They give the doctor the serum and they take off Sonja's mask]

Doctor: Now Adrenaline! Go! Quickly, quickly!

[One doctor gives her a pulse, but she opens her eyes and she pulls him down, and the alarm goes on]

The Warden: What do you mean her heart stop beating? No one dies unless I say.... So!

[He sees the carnage]

The Warden: Shoot her down!

[They fire at the tube, but it breaks open and Jessica kills many guards with ninja stars. And she takes off her costume, and she grabs her lightsabers then it cuts back outside, and the fireflies explode. Then it goes back inside, and guards come in and corner Jessica. But she uses her force powers to shut off the lights]

Guard: Stand by!

Guard #2: Where is she?

[Then she ambushes them with her lightsabers's and kills them all as the Warden watches in terror as she looks at him]

Jessica Shrew: You want to date me now?

The Warden: Neither! [tires to shoot her, but she deflects it and the Warden runs in terror]

[Then back outside, the equine rides his motorcycle and he jumps off. And the motorcycle comes apart into rockets and destroy the entrance of the prison. And the equine reveals to be Leo!]

Leo: [walks to the elevator. And whistles singing "Jolly Good Fellow"]

[Back inside, Jessica grabs a pistol and aims at Tirek's tube and open fires and releases Tirek]

Tirek: [breathing heavily and then stops] Who are you?

Jessica Shrew: Just follow me.

[Soon we see the Warden and some troopers outside holding guns]

The Warden: Shoot anything that comes through that door!

[Then a door behind them opens, and Leo's holding a mini gun and shoots them all and injures the Warden. And Jessica and Tirek walk out]

Tirek: Leo? The son of Rogue?

Leo: How did you guess?

Tirek: I heard the stories. Your father was the origin of the Clone Equine Troopers.

Leo: That's right. And I want that mongrel dead!

Tirek: I don't blame you. I want him dead too.

[As they speak, the Warden gets his revolver and aims at the air tanks]

Tirek: But let's hurry and get out of here, or they'll be more!

[Then the Warden fires at the tanks, and they run to the elevator as Leo kills the Warden. And they all got in the elevator before the flame engulfs them. Soon outside, a Sith Empire shuttle picks them and they all fly away]