wholeheartedly believes that he is a fire ant and that Megatron is his queen. Unlike many Predacons, he has no personal ambitions or future plans; everything he does is for the good of the colony and his queen. Luckily for Inferno, many of the tasks his queen assigns him involve burning things - and he likes burning things.

Keeping with his ant mentality, Inferno has absolutely no regard for his own personal safety whatsoever. He is fanatically loyal to Megatron, and as such will use his heavy firepower and incredible strength full-on and take any task given of him, no matter how suicidal. And he'll do it laughing maniacally the entire time, for the glory of the colony.

An alternate-universe iteration of Inferno was caught up in the Universe war and joined the Autobots. No, really. Another one was rebuilt into a Vehicon, then also ended up in that war.



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