This is how infiltrating Airachnid's lair and rescuing Sideswipe goes in Battle of the Machine Robos.

[Ryan and Strongarm find a centuries old Transformer battleship]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow! That is one big ship.

Strongarm: Yup. I think Sideswipe might be in it.

[They wander inside and find Airachnid, the Sirens and Sideswipe]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wait, I hear something.

Sideswipe: Ok, I have no idea what's going on. But, why did you kidnap me?

Airachnid: I was planning to capture Arcee, Sideswipe. But how lucky I was to catch you instead.

Sideswipe: I'm sure you're lucky. But why are those three girls with you?

Adagio Dazzle: What does it look like? Airachnid promised to give us our powers back if we helped her capture Thomas, Ryan and Arcee.

Strongarm: (Gasp) [quietly] I think Airachnid and the Dazzlings are after Arcee, Thomas and you, Ryan.

[Ryan nods his head for Yes.]

Sonata Dusk: Also, she learned to use magic when she learned the hypnosis corruption spell.

Sideswipe: I didn't know Airachnid had that kind of magic.

Aria Blaze: [vocalizes]

Airachnid: Oh, be quiet, Aria!

Sideswipe: Anyway, why did you corrupt James in the first place?

Airachnid: I was trying out my new powers and used James as a test subject. Now, Henry, Gordon, Edward and Toby are my last four targets.

Aria Blaze: And may I add Twilight's Friends: the Rainbooms?

Airachnid: Aria Blaze, the Trainbots are my only targets!

Aria Blaze: Remember the time where the Rain-blossoms or what ever they are called used the Magic of Friendship to destroy our pendents. Maybe we should go after them as well.

Airachnid: [growls] I make the decisions here. I am in charge!

Aria Blaze: How about you should leave the decision making to Adagio for once? That is why Adagio Dazzle is the lead singer of the Dazzlings.

Airachnid: Well, Adagio would be able to if she hadn't lead you to conquer the world with your singing.

[Strongarm and Ryan sneak round towards Sideswipe as Airachnid and Aria continue arguing]

Sideswipe: Ryan. Strongarm! You two came!

Ryan F-Freeman: You're right, Sideswipe. We're busting you out of here.

[They untie Sideswipe and sneak out without the Sirens or Airachnid knowing]

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