This is how Infiltrating Thunderwing's base goes in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.

[We see the girls, Optimus, and Human Flash Sentry standing outside some kind of fortress]

Optimus Prime: Kolkular, Thunderwing's fortress.

Twilight Sparkle: He must've made this himself during his time here.

Optimus Prime: Exactly.

Twilight Sparkle: Wow.

[The controls seal up]

Twilight Sparkle: What?

Rainbow Dash (EG): What's going on?

Pinkie Pie (EG): Something's not right.

Rarity (EG): Someone seems to be controling the base from outside.

Applejack (EG): You're right

Fluttershy (EG): But who?

Sunset Shimmer: Guess we may never know.

[They hear a noise and turn around to see a hologram of Thunderwing.]

Thunderwing: Twilight Sparkle. After all this time, you've come home.

Sunset Shimmer: Twilight, how does he know you?

Fluttershy (EG): Has he somehow read your mind?

Applejack (EG): Did he somehow learn about you?

Rarity (EG): Did he follow around and see your name?

Pinkie Pie (EG): Did he scan you?

Rainbow Dash (EG): Did he come to where you came from?

Twilight Sparkle: Long story. Thunderwing, enough is enough! You've got to stop this madness!

Thunderwing: You should've became a follower of Unicron when you had the chance, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: I would rather be beheaded than become his servant.

Thunderwing: There is no pride in being beheaded. Terrorcons, attack!

[The hologram of Thunderwing disappears as Terrorcons appear]

[The hologram of Thunderwing reappears]

Thunderwing: Your cause is lost, heroes.

Twilight Sparkle: Never. We'll defeat you.

Sunset Shimmer: And save this realm.

[The hologram of Thunderwing disappears as more Terrorcons appear]

[The hologram of Thunderwing reappears]

Thunderwing: I grow tired of this display. Finish them then bring me their heads!

[The hologram of Thunderwing disappears as Terrorcon Brutes surround them]

[They destroy the generator and the beam deactivates]

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah!

Rainbow Dash (EG): Awesome!

Pinkie Pie (EG): Whee!

Rarity (EG): That was lucky.

Applejack (EG): Hoo-wee!

Fluttershy (EG): [quietly] Yay!

Sunset Shimmer: Close call that one.

[Then the beam reactivates]

Twilight Sparkle: What?

Rainbow Dash (EG): Uh-oh!

Pinkie Pie (EG): Not good!

Rarity (EG): But how?

Applejack (EG): Somethin' ain't right.

Fluttershy (EG): What's going on?

Sunset Shimmer: Why did it reactivate?

[The hologram of Thunderwing appears]

Thunderwing: I must say, heroes, your stupidity intrigues me. Did you really not account for the back-up systems at all? No? Pity. Terrorcons, find the intruders and dispose of them immediately.

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