Infiltration Unit Seven was a synthoid drone created by the U.S. government.

Infiltration Unit Seven's first known directive was to assassinate Roland De Fleures, a high-profile arms dealer. It was seemingly destroyed when Bucky knocked it into a warehouse full of De Fleures' munitions rising from the warehouse's remains, it scanned its own fragmented memory. Based on a moment where Zeta's De Fleures disguised dropped, revealing his true appearance, it concluded that its true target was Zeta.

It tracked Zeta to Gotham City and battled both Zeta and Batman while being lured into a electromagetic room and was de-consturcted piece by piece from the magnet. Unfortunately, his CPU chip was missed when Agent James Bennet came to collect the pieces, which came into the hands of Jason Foley. Once he attached the CPU to his computer, IU7 reconstructed his memory. To continue its mission, it ordered parts from the NSA online, rebuilding a similar, but crude body from its previous. Before he could finish Zeta off his CPU Chip was pulled out. The NSA then picked up its body and Zeta gave Agent Lee the CPU personally.

Somehow though the men of Dark-Nuva's Empire were able to re-build it from it's original design then reprogrammed to serve the Zann Constortium but obey Dark-Nuva in sercet

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