This is how Initiating Order 69 goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Revenge of the Sith.

[Twilight leads Equestrian Troopers upon the Jedi Keyblade Temple as Anakin's Betrayal plays]

[On Equessokyo, the Equestrian Troopers start to overpower the Daleks, Vehicons, Battle Droids, and Heartless]

[Ryan rides up to Commander Rictor]

Ryan F-Freeman: Commander Rictor. Inform the Jedi Keyblade Council that Grievous is dead.

Commander Rictor: Very good, sir. Oh by the way, I think you'll be needing this. [hands Ryan his keyblade]

Ryan F-Freeman: Thank you.

Commander Rictor: Try not to lose it next time, sir.

Ryan F-Freeman:

Commander Rictor:

[Ryan rides off as Rictor puts his helmet back on, his commlink beeps]

Nightmare Moon: Commander Rictor, the time has come. Execute Order 69.

Commander Rictor: Yes, my lady.

[He then orders his men to destroy Ryan]

Commander Rictor: Blast him.

[The Equestrian Troopers fire a cannon blast that knocks Ryan and Grimlock AOE off the ledge they are on]

[We then see Terra leading an assault on Hollow Bastion]

Terra: [echoing] Come on!

[His men advance with him but stop and point their blasters at him]

[He turns and sees this as they attempt to blast him]

[He deflects some of the blasts, but he is eventually hit and killed]

[We cut to Tarzan's world as Aqua is leading her men to battle]

[However, her men turn on her]

[Without giving her the chance to defend herself, they fire upon her, killing her]

[We then see Mordecai leading two Equestrian Troopers]

[The Troopers recieve the message and pull back and fire upon him]

[Mordecai looks back only for his speeder to crash and kill him]

[We then see Rigby leading some X-Wings into battle]

Nighmare Moon: Execute Order 69.

Equestrian Trooper: Yes, my lady.

[They fire upon Rigby's X-Wing, causing him to crash and die]

[Meanwhile, Zeta Prime senses the attack]

[He senses an attack coming from behind]

Nightmare Moon: Execute Order 69.

Equestrian Trooper: It will be done, my lady.

[They attempt to kill him]

[He takes out his sword and chops off their heads]

[The Xenomorphs Grid and Nantucker witness this and lead him somewhere]

[We then see Code Red leading the defense of Kashyyyk]

Equestrian Trooper: It will be done, my lady.

[They turn and see their men turning on them]

[Luckily the Battle Droids, Vehicons, and Heartless witnessing this rush to the team's defense and help them fight off the enemy]

[Zeta Prime senses this]

[We then see the Equestrian Troopers firing upon the Jedi Keyblade wielders, killing many]

[We then see Twilight cutting down many of other Jedi Keyblade wielders]

[We then see Twilight enter the Council room where there are younglings hiding]

Youngling: Master Sparkle, there's too many of them. What are we going to do?

[In response, Twilight takes out her Keyblade and holds it at the Youngling]

[The Younglings realize what is going on]

[We then cut to Flash's apartment as he sees the Temple is smoking]

[K-2SO walks up to Flash]

K-2SO: Mistress Twilight was heading back to the temple. I'm sure she's alright.

[He walks away as Flash puts his hoof to his mouth, clearly crying]

[We then see Celestia arrive at the smoking Temple, having sensed the deaths]

Princess Celestia: What's going on here?

Equestrian Trooper: There's been a rebellion, Your Highness. Don't worry, the situation is under control.

[The Trooper then points his blaster at her]

Equestrian Trooper: I'm sorry, Your Highness. But it's time for you to leave.

Princess Celestia: And so it is.

[As she is getting into her chariot, someone gives a shout]

Equestrian Trooper: There he is! Get him!

[A youngling jumps up and kills some of the troopers, and deflects their blasts trying to ensure Celestia's escape]

[One blaster fire hits the youngling, killing him]

Princess Celestia: NO!

[The Equestrian Troopers turn to her and fire upon her but she escapes]

Equestrian Trooper: Leave her. Let her go.

[Cut back to Equessokyo]

[We see Ryan swim back up to the surface and hide from some search ships clearly looking for him]

[He evades Troopers as he goes]

[He overhears some Troopers]

Equestrian Trooper: All these are dead. Move to the east.

Equestrian Trooper #2: Yes, sir.

[He sneaks past them]

[Cut back to Zeta]

Zeta Prime: Goodbye, Nantucker. Goodbye, Grid.

Grid the Xenomorph: [growls sadly]

Zeta Prime: I will miss you.

[His pod flies off]

[Cut to Celestia on Her Royal Ship]

Princess Celestia: Hopefully, we'll be able to intercept a few Jedi before they walk into this catastrophe.

[Back on Equessokyo, Ryan sneaks past some guards having captured the Equessokyans]

Equestrian Trooper: [about Ryan] You think he's still alive?

Equestrian Trooper #2: Nah, no one could have survived that fall.

Commander Rictor: Start loading your men.

[We then see Ryan head over to the ship Grievous tried to escape in]

[He gets in it and takes off]

Ryan F-Freeman: This is Ryan F-Freeman. I have just left the Equessokyo system. Does anybody copy?

[Celestia's holographic appears]

Princess Celestia: Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Repeat.

Princess Celestia: Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Princess Celestia. My troops turned on me. I need help.

Princess Celestia: We have just rescued Zeta Prime. It appears this ambush has happened everywhere. We're sending you our coordinates.

[Ryan pilots the ship to Celestia's ship]