Here's how the Inner sanctum and the Carnotaur attack goes in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures of Dinosaur.

[We see the Disney Logo. Then it fades to a baby Iguanodon inside a egg as we see dinosaurs outside it. And a title logo shows up saying "20th Century Fox, Toho, Hasbro, Nelvana, Studio Ghibli, Funimation Films, Hiatt Grey, and Walt Disney Pictures Presents"

Narrator: Somethings start out big. And some things start out small. [as she speaks the baby Iguanodon opens his eye] Very small. But sometimes the smallest thing, can make the biggest changes of all.

[The camera zooms out to a nest as we see the logo, saying "Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures of Dinosaur". Then we see the mother Iguanodon nuzzles at one of her eggs then hears and sees birds flying and she pushes the egg back. And when she does a young Parasaurolophus looks at it but the mother scares it off]

[We see the young Parasaurolophus running to Brachiosaurus with other dinosaurs it runs across a lake with several birds flying away. Then it sees a flying-lizard and it lands on a log and catches a dragonfly the baby Parasaurolophus chases it to the forest and when it gets closer it flies up and lands on a unknown creature. It then looks up to where the reptile is, but before it can get close, saliva falls on the branch which caused the young dinosaur to look up where a Carnotaur eventually awakens!]

[The young Parasaurolophus starts running out of the jungle which causes attention to many of the herbivorous dinosaurs. As it starts running, the Carnotaur soon bursts out of the trees and starts chasing all the dinosaurs, and the mother Iguanodon was forced to leave her nest. And the Carnotaur steps on her nest, but with one egg remaining and the predatory dinosaur kills a Pachyrhinosaurus.]

Carnotaur: ROAR!!!!!!!

[As he eats his meal the camera pins down to the remaining egg]