Here's how the Inner sanctum and the Carnotaur attack goes in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures of Dinosaur.

[We see the Disney Logo. Then it fades to a baby Iguanodon inside a egg as we see dinosaurs outside it. And a title logo shows up saying "20th Century Fox, Toho, Hasbro, Nelvana, Studio Ghibli, Starz Productions, Funimation Films, Hiatt Grey, and Walt Disney Pictures Presents"

Narrator: Somethings start out big. And some things start out small. [as she speaks the baby Iguanodon opens his eye] Very small. But sometimes the smallest thing, can make the biggest changes of all.

[The camera zooms out to a nest as we see the logo, saying "Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures of Dinosaur".]

[But meanwhile our heroes are in the jungle woods]

Master Shake: Okay, I got a question to ask. What are we all doing in these scary jungle woods?

Meatwad: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

Ocellus: Well, at least Tarzan is now the leader of the apes.

Pepper Clark: Yeah, but how does that help us with this scary jungle woods?

Ocellus: I don't know. I just thought I could lighten it up a bit.

Brian: Now, don't worry guys. Look I see a light.

[They all soon got out of the jungle woods]

Master Shake: Finally, we're out of those woods.

[But when they soon take a rest, Stewie sees something and widens his eyes. And he taps Brian to get his attention]

Brian: What, what?

Stewie: [points to the direction] Look.

[Brian looks to where Stewie is pointing and the others look and they couldn't believe it! There was a nose of a dinosaur, and then we see the mother. A Iguanodon]

Pazu: It's a Dinosaur!

Glaceon: Yeah, we know that. But what Dinosaur is it?

Blythe Baxter: It's a Iguanodon.

Dawn: Iguana what?

Blythe Baxter: Iguanodon. It's one of the first Dinosaurs that was ever discovered, and is also one of the famous ones with T-Rex.

Jasper: You don't say!

Blythe Baxter: Yes indeed.

Little Bear: But from the looks of it, this one is not made by InGen.

[Then the mother Iguanodon hears our heroes, and she sees some birds flying from the trees as she gazes out. And then she pushes the egg back. And when she does a young Parasaurolophus looks at it but the mother scares it off]

Minerva Mink: It's a baby Parasaurolophus!

Sylveon: How cute.

Eevee: Wait, guys look!

[The others look over, and they see the young Parasaurolophus running to a herd Brachiosaurus with other dinosaurs]

Zoe Trent: They're are other Dinosaurs here as well!

Cinderella: I say we have a look around.

Kida: I'm up for it. What do you think, Brian?

Brian: Alright. Let's do it.

Everyone: Alright!

[We then see the young Parasaurolophus running across a pond with several birds flying away. Then it sees a flying-lizard and it lands on a log and catches a dragonfly the baby Parasaurolophus chases it to the forest and when it gets closer it flies up and lands on a unknown creature. It then looks up to where the reptile is, but before it can get close, saliva falls on the branch which caused the young dinosaur to look up where a Carnotaurus eventually awakens!]

Sour Sweet: [tries to feed a baby Pachyrhinosaurus with a large leaf] Here you go, little one.

[The baby Pachyrhinosaurus grabs the leaf and struggles to eat it, but gets a bite]

Everyone: [giggling]

[Then, the young Parasaurolophus starts running out of the jungle which causes attention to our heroes and many of the herbivorous dinosaurs. As it starts running, the Carnotaurus soon bursts out of the trees and starts chasing the baby Parasaurolophus]

Wubbzy: Wow, wow, wow! What is that thing?!

Blythe Baxter: It was a Carnotaurus!

Duck: A Carnotaurus?

Daizy: Yeah, what is a Carnotaurus?

Blythe Baxter: It's a predatory Dinosaur, that's much smaller than T-Rex. But it has binocular vision, and can run like a cheetah, and makes it one of the fastest predatory Dinosaurs that ever lived.

Mr. Blik: The fasterts dinosaur that ever lived?! Are you kidding? It's coming right at us!

[The Carnotaurus continues roaring, as the baby Parasaurolophus is still running in fear for it's life. And then the Carnotaurus looks up and sees all of the other dinosaurs and our heroes, and decides to get them instead]

Brian: (as Captain Rex) Run for it!

[Our heroes and the dinosaurs all start running for their lives, expect the mother Iguanodon, who is getting trampled by the other dinosaurs as the Carnotaurus starts coming closer. And the mother Iguanodon the finally gets up and runs for her life as the Carnotaurus steps on the nest and crushing the eggs expect one]

Joe: [notices the trees] Head for the trees!

[Our heroes turn to the tress, along with the mother Iguanodon as the Carnotaurus roars in fury. But then he gets attention to a Pachyrhinosaurus and runs for it instead, the Pachyrhinosaurus tries to run faster, but it wasn't fast enough and he is killed by the Carnotuaurs!]

Carnotaurus: ROAR!!!!!!!!! [he goes to eat his meal as the camera then pans down to the surviving egg that the Carnotaurus missed]

[Then our heroes emerge from the trees]

Gallus: Boy, that was a close one!

Silverstream: Likewise, I think I'm having chest pains!

Roger: I feel like I'm having a heart attack!

Robespierre: Likewise here, Roger!

Zoe Trent: Yeah, and that animal is scary, and even more scarier than T-Rex, Spinosaurus, and the Indominus rex combined!

Bender: You said it.