They saw a Huge Ship

Wile: Guys. Look at that Huge Ship!

Daffy: It's so huge!

Ace: It's going to ram us! Hold on tight!

1 Hour Later

Ace is wordering around the Lair

Duck: I didn't know you come, Ace.

Ace: Duck?

Duck: Great to see you?

Ace: Um.. Where is Daffy and his Friends.

Duck: Are they are that important to you. Instead of a best friends. Instead of worrying about you should be asking about her.

He show Lexi

Ace: Lexi!

Duck: That's right. While you were trying to save many worlds. I finally found her.

He going to see her, but he stop by Eggman

Eggman: Not so fast! I don't think you could her that easily.

Ace: Duck! Why are siding with the Heartless?!

Duck: The Heartless are taking order from me. I have nothing worry about.

Ace: You're crazy. Soon or later they'll swallow you're heart.

Duck: Don't be despicable. My heart is strong.

Ace: Duck...

Duck: I have some other as well, like this.

He make Ace Shadow rise up

Duck: You can go see you're Friends now.

He fell down to a Trapdoor

Duck: Let's get this ship ready. And keep Ace away from Lexi. Until we're ready to leave.

Eggman: Great! Now I'm taking order from him!

Scratcher: What should we do, Eggman?

Eggman: Nothing! This Lair is Crawling with Heartless with them I usually think.

Grounder: But Eggman, you know that the Hedgehog will...

Eggman: Shh.. Do you hear that, you two? That crazy sound.

Scratcher: No, Eggman.

Eggman: Are you blind or something!? You think I'm imagining thing? Oh, my aching head.


Razar: (Gibberish)

Wile: You sure, Ace?

Ace: Yeah! It's definitely Lexi. I finally found her.

Wile: Great! Now let's go up and talk to her.

Ace: Yeah!

Daffy: Sounds Year! Okay, but first. How you get off!

Ace: Oh. Sorry.

They get up and they are lock in a cell

Sonic: Hey, you guys. Are you trying to find your way out?

Then Sonic the Hedgehog appeared

Wile: Who are you?

Sonic: I am your answer to your Guidance.

Daffy: Very funny.

Sonic: Oh. Okay then, have it your way?

Ace: You know you're stuck in here too, right?

Sonic: No way. I'm just waiting for someone.

Ace: Who?

Tail: I'm here, Sonic.

Sonic: Tails, what took you so long?

Tail: I got lost. But I found Amy and Cream.

Sonic: Great!

Tail: And there's another girl with them.

Sonic: What? There's another with them?

Tail: Yes. And I have to go save them.

Sonic: What! No way! I cannot let you do it on your own to save them.

Daffy: I get it. He must be so jealous for this.

Tail: Hey!

He pull Daffy feather and he going to open the Cell

Sonic: Come on, Tails. Open up.

Ace: Um, Doc.

Sonic: Oh, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog.

Ace: The names Ace.

Sonic: Too slow. But listen we're in this together, but only til we find Amy and Cream.

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