Duck and Tech are in Kuja's Ship and They saw Dagger 

Dagger: Vivi! Vivi! Where are you?!

Duck: Isn't that Dagger? Then where are we?

They went to see her

Dagger: (Sigh) I wonder if he's okay?

Duck: What's wrong?

She saw Duck and Tech

Dagger: Um... Who are you?

Duck: I'm Danger Duck.

Tech: Tech.

Dagger: Oh. Hi, you guys. It's seem you are captured from Kuja. My name is Dagger, and I'm looking for my friend, Vivi.

Duck: Vivi is gone?

Dagger: Yeah. Me and Zidane are so worried about him. After he and Zidane save me and our Friends, he left on his own again. To who-knows-where.

Duck: That sound so... Weird.

Tech: Dagger, let me and Duck go look for you friend.

Dagger: Thanks, and are you sure?

Tech: Yeah. Leave it to us.

Zidane: Great. And let me go with you to find him.

Tech: Have any idea where he went?

Phineas: He went over there with a stranger.

Duck: Do you know who it was?

Dagger: Well... There is a Person who wears a black coat.

Both: Him.

Duck: Thanks, let's go.

Zidane: And this time I have to help you.

They went off to find him

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