Ace got sucked inside and Book and he says Kirby and Tokkori

Ace: Hey, you two. Is something wrong?

Kirby: Poyo.

Ace: You're Thinking for something?

Tokkori: Whoa, you can translate?

Ace: Of course, I do. So what is that Pink Puffball is doing? 

Tokkori: Oh. He just wants to know how to say goodbye to Kirby.

Ace: Kirby?

Kirby: Poyo?

Ace: Wait, You're Kirby?

Tokkori: Of course, he is. And who are you?

Ace: Ace.

Kirby: Poyo.

Tokkori: He said "Hello, Ace. Are you here to say goodbye to me?"

Ace: What? No, I just met you. Why would I do that for?

Tokkori: You want to know, because everyone is gone.

Ace: What do you mean?

Tokkori: We all live here in this place, down below us is called; Kappa Town, with the local Kappas. Kirby and his pals would have some walks here, play games, have a few races, go swimming and nearly EVERYDAY, Kirby eat's up a lot of meals for such a small round body.Beside that, he's a Star Warrior and fights off some monster creeps that try to cause a ruckus! I tell ya, and everyday, I try to just get some piece and quiet around here from all the uproar! But now everyone's gone. All our pals, and even that old forest of Whispy Woods has gone missing, so has the place where Kabu was. Even Chief Kowasaki ain't around to cook up a meal for us now? Kirby think's that everyone must've gone away while he was napping? He thinks, that's it! And so, who knows? Kirby thinks that maybe we'll both, in a way, shall be ending up saying our good bye's soon? Maybe going away somewhere as well! But no matter how hard we try, Kirby and I can't figure out, 'how do you say good bye to yourself'? Just thinking about it makes my brain hurts.

They went off

Kirby: Poyo...

Tokkori: Aw, all out of meals, I see. I'm getting hungry myself, but what can a bird do! If only Whispy of Whispy Wood's were around again. They always got plenty of apples to share by! And if I’m starting to get really hungry, then you're probable even HUNGRY THEN ME, Kirby.

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