Antuari is flying his glider and look at his Wayfinder, then he saw alot of Unversed around the Lanes Between

Antuari: All the way out here?

He is fighting them, with his power and he defeated them. And then a huge ship has appeared and Antuari has dragged into the Ship

Inside the Ship

Victor Von Lon and Dr Nefarious saw Antuari in the cell Unconscious

Nefarious: Was that him?

Victor: Yeah, he is. And we will find out what he is.

They left, and then Antuari has wake up and he saw the Unversed roaming around the Ship

Antuari: Unversed!

He pass through and he's gonna fight them

Antuari: Let's finish this!

He is fighting them and he did it

Qwark: Wow! You did it!

He is gonna a leave

Qwark: Wait! You can't leave me here!

Antuari: Sorry.

Qwark: Look, you defeat those creatures right? Because I was captured from that Robot!

Antuari: Is that so?

Qwark: Of course! I was! I am from the Galactic Rangers! And I'm so heroic. Well, my team's will be in big trouble from this monster. He is from Planet Valdin. And another one is from Planet Quartu. He is Lombax, and another one is a robot like you. And we went on a mission to stop that Robot and then he Captured us, and send us somewhere like this cell. And I know he's gonna eliminate him and that Robot.

Antuari: So you and your team got Captured?

Qwark: Yes. Everyone always get a hint from others, when someone who was with me is in the neighbourhood. Do you get it? And we have to find them or else they will eliminate them.

Antuari: Alright.

He got him out

Qwark: There names are Ratchet and Clank. Ratchet is a Lombax and Clank is a Robot, they were with me. To stop that evil Robot. And I am Qwark from Solana Galaxy.

Antuari: I'm Antuari.

Qwark: Great! Ratchet and Clank are this way, Come on!

They went off

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