Kumaon and his best friends are riding their Vehicles

Kumamon: Guys. What is that?

Kotemon: It looks like...

They saw an Unversed heading to them and they dodge it

All: Whoa! Unversed!

It's heading back to them, they dodge it

Kumamon: Wants some more!?

They fight it, and it's escaping. And this heading to the City

Kotemon: So your going to the city?

They are following it, and they went there


Perry and his friends have been Captured again, Then Doofenshmirtz has appeared

Doofensmirtz: You are Doom from me.

And then the Alarm has been beeping

Doofensmirtz: What now?

He left, and then Perry and the others has been escaped from their cell and they are escaping


Kumamon and his friends are wondering around the building

Doofensmirtz: Stop, there! What are you doing here?

Kotemon: We were just searching from those Monsters.

Doofensmirtz: If you are, then you will be captured from me.

Doofensmirtz: Listen, Mr. You need to find a better job for this.

Doofensmirtz: Why you!

Guard: (Voice) Something happen at the Power Company in the city It's look like a Monster.

Doofensmirtz: (Sigh) I deal with you, later.

He left

Bearmon: Oh no, we have to save the city!

Both: Right!

Then Perry and his friends appeared

Kotemon: Who are you guys?

They show them a Gem Star

Kumamon: Whoa. Are these the Wayfinders? Have you meet our friends?

They nodded yes

Kotemon: You know them!? When?

Gaurd: (Voice) The City is lose some Power. And we need some help!

Kotemon: What are we doing? We have to save the city!

Kumamon: And you cyborgs. Will have to be safe somewhere. Me and my friends will handle this.

They left to save the city

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