Opposummon wakes up with her new outfit

Opposummon: Wow, what is this place? My clothes they have Change? Now, where am I?

???: Goombario!

She saw Kooper

Opposummon: Was that, Kooper and his friends that Psychemon talk about?

I wonder what's wrong?

She approach them

Opposummon: Are you okay?

Lady Bow: Who are you?

Opposummon: I'm Opposummon.

Parakoopa: Hi there. It looks like you're trapped in the Toybox from General Guy. And Goombario is missing.

Opposummon: What do you mean?

Kooper: We got trapped here thanks to General Guy and Goombario found us. But then he ran off again to who-know-where.

Opposummon: That sounds... Strange. Guys, let me look for Goombario.

Bow: You will? Thank you, are you sure?

Opposummon: Dont worry, leave it to me.

Toadsworth: Wow, it looks like you gonna a find my student.

Opposummon: Who are you?

Toadsworth: I'm Toadsworth.

Opposummon: Hm... My friend to me about you.

Toadsworth: Who?

Opposummon: Um... Never mind.

Toadsworth: If you say so. Anyway, Goombario comes first.

Opposummon: Okay, do you know where he is?

Toadsworth: Well, I do know that he was wandering off with a stranger.

Opposummon: Who was he?

Toadsworth: Well... I remember he was dressed in a black coat.

Opposummon: Huh? Hmm... I think it was The Organization Digimon. Thank you.

She's gonna leave, but Toadsworth stop her

Toadsworth: Listen, Goombario is my student so I have to find him with you.

Opposummon: Alright, you ask for it.

They went off to find Goombario

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