This is how Our Heroes made it to the A-Team World and how they bring Dexter and Monkey Home in Weekenders Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

Dexter is running from Someone and he's carried a Music Box

Dexter: I have to get away from him, or else he'll delivered this to Germany!

Flashback has Started

Our Heroes and the A-Team are working on the Radio

John: Connect the Antenna. Alright, Next!

Peck: Insert the Dial right next to Button.

John: Of course. Thanks, this Radio is gonna be perfect for us! And I'm so happy for this Waffle Iron I brought!

Then the Waffle fell of the Iron

John: Oops, I forgot Breakfast again.

Tino: You mean it?

Dexter: Oh, we were working on the Radio to be fix.

Gandalf: I can't explain to this, but how can this work?

John: Well, all it needs is some Battery's and Some Wires, of course. Luckily I those Wires inside!

He open the Toolbox and it empty

John: Oh, I forgot. I sold those for me to get some tools. Maybe those Hairs pieces can help me.

He pull one of Murdock hair

John: Sorry about that.

Then he got the Radio working

John: Alright, I got it working!

And then the Hair piece got burn from the Radio

John: Looks like I need another hair.

Then Murdock run away from John, because want a pain from his hair

John: I guess I have to find someone that has a long hair. But I can't pull hairs from the Girls.

He saw Laval doing his training

John: Maybe that Lion, of course. I have get that hair piece from him.

He's got reach it, but Laval stop him

Laval: What are you doing, you know I have sensitive hair.

John: Well, I have get one from you.

Laval: No! No! No! No!

He ran away

John: Wait! Come back! I want to have a friend!

He Ran after him

Dexter: (Sigh) I'm going to take a Sleep. A long day I had.

He went to get some Rest and he saw Mandark

Dexter: Mandark.

Mandark: Hi, Dexter.

Dexter: What are you doing here?

Mandark: Well, I came here.... To get my Music Box.

Dexter: You want your Music Box back? But you gave it to Dee Dee on her Birthday.

Mandark: I know, but I need it back.

Dexter: Fine. I'll give it to you.

He is searching the Music Box and found it

Dexter: Here, Mandark. I hope you can't-

He got trip and saw something on the Music Box and it looks like a Typing

Dexter: Wow. I didn't know that Music Box would be like that. Mandark, I didn't you invented it for Dee Dee. Are you?

Mandark: Actually, I didn't, Dexter. So great for you to recover my Code Machine.

Dexter: Code Machine? (Gasp) A British Code Machine!?

Mandark: Yes. I took it from England after they went after me.

Dexter: Then, why did you give it to Dee Dee?

Mandark: Well, I have to make sure that they won't know I took it. So I frame You're sister to think I took it.

Dexter: Mandark, you stole it from England and you're working with Lord Vortech, why would you do such a thing in England?

Mandark: Yes. And even though, is it too late for me to say goodbye to you?

Dexter: Really? Is it too late for me to say... God save the Queen!

He hit him with a Book and Escape with the Code Machine from Mandark

[Flashback has ended]

Dexter: I have to keep run away from him! No matter what the cost.

Then he got trip from Quackor the Fowl and Mandark recover the Code Machine

Mandark: Thank you, Ducky. And I believe you gonna get kidnap from me now, Dexter.


Emmet: I wonder what I should do today?

Then he an explosion

Emmet: Huh?

He went on his own to investigate


Monkey is fighting the Goon and then Emmet help him and they defeated them

Emmet: You mean be Dexter's Monkey are you?

He nodded

Emmet: I see, and what are you doing?

He speak as a Monkey

Emmet: You said, someone is looking for your owner? Who?

He keep speaking as a Monkey

Emmet: Mandark and Quackor the Fowl? Why would they want him for?

Monkey speaking

Emmet: What!? He's stole the British Code Machine and he's after it for Lord Vortech!? We have to go find them and tell the others!

They went off


Mandark git the engine ready and ready to left off and even though he captured Dexter

Mandark: Looks like it's ready to fly.

Dexter: Hope you regret it for this.

Mandark: Oh, really? Cause I think you are.

They lift off and Our Heroes are too late to save them

Tino: Dexter, no!

He and Monkey went off

Sunset Shimmer: Tino, where are you going? You know it's dangerous.

Tino: I know, but I have to save him.

He and Monkey went off and they were on the Plane

Mandark: Oh, no, no, no, no. Not on my plane.

They made them fall, but they were on top of the plane

Mandark: Get off of my plane!

Tino: Let Dexter go!

Mandark: Sorry, kid. Not gonna happen!

He and Quackor are gonna fight them, and no one is flying the Plane except Dexter

Dexter: Well, I guess I should do this on my own. I hope John got the radio working.


Cragger is searching around the Place

Cragger: Okay. Laval. The A-Team is not here now.

Laval: Phew! That's was close, and I thought I would lose one of my hair.

Then they heard a Tarzan Yelling and it was John and his Team and John got one of Laval's Hair and it make him hurt

Laval: OW! That hurt! That hurt! Ow- Actually it didn't hurt a little.

John: Of course, It wouldn't. I never hurt an animal like you. Alright! Now let's test on the Radio.

He's working on the Radio and it's Working

Dexter: (on radio) Help! John, can you hear me!

John: Dexter? What are you doing on the Radio?


Dexter: I'm aboard an Airplane, but do you know how to fly a plane?


John: Well, I don't know. I don't know anything about Planes. But maybe you might pull the plane down.


Dexter pull the Down and the Plane is going down and they screams


John: Or is it Pullback?


Dexter: Pullback! Pullback! Pullback!


John: That's right! It is Pullback!

Laval: Sounds right to me.

Cragger: Great, now you're an expert.

John: I think I finally know how you can fly a plane.


John: (on radio) Just Land somewhere safe.

Dexter: Okay, got it! Right!

He landed the Plane and Tino and Monkey Defeated them

Dexter: Phew, that's was close. And I don't think I ride a plane like that.

Mandark: You may have won, but I gave the Code Machine to Lord Vortech. See ya!

Then he trip from Sunset Shimmer

Sunset Shimmer: Going somewhere?

Mandark: Oh great.

Hours Later

Dexter: Thank you for saving my life, Tino.

Tino: No problem, what are friends are for.

He and Dexter went to the Portal and our Heroes went to another dimension