This is how Our Heroes went to Beetlejuice world and how they bring Danny Phantom Home in Weekenders Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

Our Heroes made it out of the Portal

Tino: Where are we now?

They saw a House

Noby: I wonder who is home.

They went inside and they saw a room

Sunset Shimmer: Hello? Anyone home?

Then they met Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice: Hello, everyone. Come in.

Laval: What's he laughing at?

Cragger: Your guess is good as mine.

They went inside and look at the painting of a Man screaming

Carver: Beetlejuice, your painting looks... Cool?

Beetlejuice: To die for?

Tino: The one way to put it.

A painting is looking at Tino

Tino: Yikes!

Beetlejuice: Is something wrong, boy?

Tino: Nothing, I guess.

Beetlejuice: (Laugh)

Then the Power Out

Beetlejuice: Nobody move! you might bump into an accident.

Tino: Oops.

Gandalf: Watch it.

Then sword almost hit Gandalf

Gandalf: (in Crash Bandicoot's voice) Whoa!

Sneech: Who even has a Sword display in the first place?

Beetlejuice: (Laugh)

Big G: Why's he laughing?

Dora Kid: I don't know, just go with it.

Minutes later

They were at the dining room

Sunset Shimmer: Mmm, dinner smell delicious.

Beetlejuice: It's wonderful to have company. I just hope you like ghost soup.

That make them scared

Tino: Ghost Soup?

Tish: Um, for that. I am not hungry for ghost.

Dora-Rinho: It better not be that slimy ghost. Cause I really like him.

The power's out

Gandalf: Who turned out the lights!

Doraemon: It's the power out.

Then they saw Batman not here on his sit

Emmet: Where's Batman?

Beetlejuice: Strange? It appears he left out of dinner. Oh, Well. Who's hungry?

He open the lid and revealed a Bat Soup, our Heroes scream and left

Carver: Quick, into the Statue room!

They look so scared from the Statue

Tino: Relax, it's just a statue. A normal statue of a man.

Emmet: Phew.

They saw a Statue of Woman and they look scared

Tino: Guys, can we stop getting scared by the statues? The sign literally said, "Statue Room".

El-Matadora: Uh, these aren't statues, you guys. They're real people that have been stuffed.

Wang Dora: Wait. How did Beetlejuice stuff them for?

Dora-Rinho: Because he serial Killer!

Tino: No way!

Dora-Rinho: Is it?

They look at Statue, they scream and the power's out

Gandalf: Who turned out the lights!?

Lor: Eh, we're not going over this again, Gandalf.

They heard Beetlejuice scream

Tino: That sounded like Beetlejuice.

Sunset Shimmer: Stay here. It might be a trap.

The power is back and Tino bring out his Keyblade

Tino: Or he might be in trouble. I'm checking it out.

Sunset Shimmer: I found Beetlejuice!

They look at Beetlejuice clothes with red stain

Sunset Shimmer: Well, some of him, anyway.

Tino: Beetlejuice is dead?

Sunset Shimmer: But wait, if Beetlejuice isn't the killer…

Dora Med: That means it's one of us!

Sunset Shimmer: Wait a minute! I don't remember seeing Danny Phantom in the Statue Room with us.

Danny: Well, I don't know why I'm here. but it's great to see you.

Bad Cop: You're quick to accuse, Sunset. Just like you were quick to find Beetlejuice body.

El-Matadora: I'll bet it was Tino. He tried to kill Gandalf with that sword.

Sunset Shimmer: That was an accident. Leave Tino alone. We all know Danny's unstable when he's going ghost.

Big G: You know, Dora-Nichov is being uncharacteristically quiet.

Dora-Nichov looks quite

Sunset Shimmer: Well, Tino and I don't trust you guys. We're going this way.

Tino: We are?

Doraemon: Well, we're going this way.

Big G: And I'm going in alone 'cause I'm a man.

Big G goes upstairs, Tino and Sunset take the left side of the hallway and the rest of the Heroes take the right side, Tino and Sunset Shimmer are Library

Sunset Shimmer: We can hide in here.

Tino: It's kind of dark, don't you think?

Sunset Shimmer: Think of it as romantic.

She played the old record player and plays 1920's pop music

Sunset Shimmer: See? Even the music is romantic.

Tino: Hm. How do I turn it off?

Sunset Shimmer: Oh, it's all right. Just leave it on.

Tino: I can barely see. I'll let some moonlight in.

They go to open french doors

Sunset Shimmer: Oh, Tino, it's breathtaking, don't you think?

Tino: I guess so, yeah.

Sunset Shimmer: This the least bit romantic to you?

A ghostly wind blow out the candles making everything go dark

Tino: Great! The light goes out Let's try and find some matches. Sunset? Sunset?

He heard Big G screams in horror

Tino: What is going on?!

They saw a big G clothes with a Knife

Sneech: Big G got knife! Oh, he shouldn't have gone it alone.

Danny: Who could have done this?

Tino: Sunset, where were you?

Sunset Shimmer: It was dark, so I went to find a flashlight. See?

Tino: Oh, okay.

Jake: Maybe it was Doraemon and his friends.

Izzy: It couldn't be them.

Jake: Why not?

Cubby: Because they're right there.

They saw him and his friends shut down

Tino: Somebody shut them down!

Sunset Shimmer: Wait, are we sure they're shutdown?

A lightning bolt vaporizes them

All: (Scream)

Cubby: Oh! Yep, pretty sure.

Sunset Shimmer: And where have you been, Emmet?

Emmet: Oh, uh, I got distracted by a butterfly, and, uh…

Sunset Shimmer: A butterfly? Really? That's the best you could come up with?

Izzy: Oh! I love butterflies.

Jake: Grab that murderous Emmet!

The power goes out again

Tino: I swear, this power has the worst sense of timing.

The power's back on again

Danny: Which way did Emmet go?

Sunset Shimmer: What's that next to Big G? Is that a footprint?

Tino: It is? Where's are the others?

Tino, Sunset and Danny went off and step on something

Tino: Ew! Watch out, guys. I just rolled through a puddle.

Sunset: Puddle of what?

Tino: I don't know. But it looks like... (Gasp) They're dead! Jake still barely alive.

Tino: Who did this to you and the others, Jake? Was it Emmet?

Jake: The-The murderer is…

A lightning bolt shock Jake and turning him to ash, Sunset and Tino scream

Sunset Shimmer: Seriously? I mean, we're indoors.

Tino: We need to find Emmet quick.

Sunset Shimmer: Um, Tino…

They saw all the Lego body piece's

Tino: No! Not Emmet and the others!

Danny: They're gone.

Tino: Well, at least they died in peace.

Sunset Shimmer: Wait. We're the only ones left.

Danny: The murderer has to be one of us.

They bring their weapons

Sunser Shimmer: What now?

Tino: I guess we all stay right here until the murderer forks over a confession. (laughs)

Danny: (laughs deeply) Oh! I don't feel so good.

Tino: Whoa! I know who the killer is.

Sunset Shimmer: It is Danny?

Danny: Is it Sunset?

Tino: Double no.

He unmasked him and it was Beetlejuice

Sunset Shimmer: Beetlejuice! It was you?!

Beetlejuice: My plan was brilliant, perfectly executed. How did you know it was me?

Tino: Well, I'll tell you. Excuse me. I noticed something afoot when Danny didn't use his ghost power. Plus his familiar laugh suddenly sounded a lot like someone else's familiar laugh.

Beetlejuice: (flashback) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Tino: Besides, he wouldn't say "Going Ghost.

Beetlejuice: But when I faked my own death, you discovered my clothes and everything.

Tino: Ah, that was not your clothes. But as we saw in the Statue Room, you do have a spare clothes laying around.

Beetlejuice: But my disguise… it was uncanny!

Tino: Yes, an amateur's costume would have a telltale zipper or seam, but not one sewn by a professor pursuing his master's in costuming.

Beetlejuice: (groans) Done in by my own proficiency with a needle. Curses!

Sunset Shimmer: But wait, if it was just a disguise, where's the real Danny Phantom?

He moves a candle holder which makes the fireplace move, first it reveals everyone is still alive

Tino: Whoa!

Sunset Shimmer: Yay!

Beetlejuice: No! You've discovered that all the murders were actually just special effects. But in my defense, how else is a professor of theatrical design supposed to hone his craft?

Tino: Why?

Beetlejuice: You see… I invited you all here tonight to unwittingly be part of my thesis presentation, but now that you've uncovered everything, I'll be happy.

Tino: Sorry. Sounds like you're out of luck.

Beetlejuice: You solved the mystery, Tino.

Tino: Yes!

Then a Portal appeared and Danny went back home

Tino: But I still have one question. You deduced the murderer wasn't Danny, but how did you know it wasn't me?

Tino: Aw, it's easy. You're the nicest person I know. Of course it wasn't you.

Sunset Shimmer: This fire makes for some romantic lighting, don't you think?

Tino: Yeah.

They went to the Portal to another dimension