They made it out of the portal and they saw Ladybug, Cat Noir and A Boy

Ryan: Ladybug? Cat Noir.

Ladybug: Hey, it's Ryan.

Cody: You're here?

Cat Noir: Yep, that's right? With him too.

Ryan: You look a bit like me.

Ryan-Ko: Never seen anyone like you.

Ryan: My name is Ryan.

Ryan-Ko: What do you want from me?

Ryan: You think you can join my team?

Ryan-Ko: Not interested.

Ryan: Huh? Why not?

Ryan-Ko: You won't touch my memories.

Ryan: What's wrong with you?

Ryan-Ko: It always end the same way.

Ladybug: Sorry about him, his name is Ryan-Ko. He's not very friendly to people.

Ryan-Ko: I... don't care anymore.

Cat Noir: All he does is push people away, Mope and forget life lessons shortly after learning them

Ryan-Ko: Yap while you can.

Ryan: Look mr Ryan-Ko, do you really want to be like this and feel sorry for yourself?

Ryan-Ko: You don't know a true dispair.

Ryan: Do you?

Ryan-Ko: No.

Ryan: Then I need you to cooperate, okay?

Ryan-Ko​: Guess I have to.

Ryan: Good.

Ryan-Ko: Let's just... get this over with.

Matau: Are you from Po's world?

Ryan-Ko: I don't trust you, because you wouldn't be in my memories.

Ladybug: Sorry about him, he doesn't want People to know him. And yes, he's from Po's World.

Ryan: Yeah. I hope we can help him. I think the paper on his hat might be his twin. Cody-Ling.

Beetlejuice: Hello, everyone. Come in.

Laval: What's he laughing at?

Cragger: Your guess is good as mine.

They went inside and look at the painting of a Man screaming

Ryan: Beetlejuice, your painting looks... Cool?

Beetlejuice: To die for?

Crash: The one way to put it.

A painting is looking at Crash

Crash: Yikes!

Beetlejuice: Is something wrong, boy?

Crash: Nothing, I guess.

Beetlejuice: (Laugh)

Then the Power Out

Beetlejuice: Nobody move! you might bump into an accident.

Craah: Oops.

Gandalf: Watch it.

Then sword almost hit Gandalf

Gandalf: (in Crash Bandicoot's voice) Whoa!

Matau: Who even has a Sword display in the first place?

Beetlejuice: (Laugh)

Bertram: Why's he laughing?

Ladybug: I don't know, just go with it.

Minutes later

They were at the dining room

Meg: Mmm, dinner smell delicious.

Beetlejuice: It's wonderful to have company. I just hope you like ghost soup.

That make them scared

Ryan: Ghost Soup?

Matau: Um, for that. I am not hungry for ghost.

Cat Noir: It better not be that slimy ghost. Cause I really like him.

The power's out

Gandalf: Who turned out the lights!

Ryan: It's the power out.

Then they saw Batman not here on his sit

Emmet: Where's Batman?

Beetlejuice: Strange? It appears he left out of dinner. Oh, Well. Who's hungry?

He open the lid and revealed a Bat Soup, our Heroes scream and left

Odette: Quick, into the Statue room!

They look so scared from the Statue

Ryan: Relax, it's just a statue. A normal statue of a man.

Emmet: Phew.

They saw a Statue of Woman and they look scared

Ryab: Guys, can we stop getting scared by the statues? The sign literally said, "Statue Room".

Sci-Ryan: Uh, these aren't statues, you guys. They're real people that have been stuffed.

Ryan: Wait. How did Beetlejuice stuff them for?

Finn: Because he serial Killer!

Ryan: No way!

Jake: Is it?

They look at Statue, they scream and the power's out

Gandalf: Who turned out the lights!?

Ryan: Eh, we're not going over this again, Gandalf.

They heard Beetlejuice scream

Ryan: That sounded like Beetlejuice.

Meg: Stay here. It might be a trap.

The power is back and Ryan bring out his Keyblade

Ryan: Or he might be in trouble. I'm checking it out.

Meg: I found Beetlejuice!

They look at Beetlejuice clothes with red stain

Meg: Well, some of him, anyway.

Ryan: Beetlejuice is dead?

Meg: But wait, if Beetlejuice isn't the killer…

Ryan: That means it's one of us!

Meg: Wait a minute! I don't remember seeing Ryan-Ko in the Statue Room with us.

Ryan-Ko: Well, I don't know why I'm here. but you should have seen that one coming.

Ryan: Shut up.

Bad Cop: You're quick to accuse, Meg. Just like you were quick to find Beetlejuice body.

Homer: I'll bet it was Ryan. He tried to kill Gandalf with that sword.

Meg: That was an accident. Leave Eyan alone. We all know Ryan-Ko unstable when he's going ghost.

Bart: You know, Wall-e is being uncharacteristically quiet.

Wall-E looks quite

Meg: Well, Ryan and I don't trust you guys. We're going this way.

Ryan: We are?

Crash: Well, we're going this way.

Homer: And I'm going in alone 'cause I'm a man.

Homee goes upstairs, Ryan and Sunset take the left side of the hallway and the rest of the Heroes take the right side, Ryan and Meg are Library

Meg: We can hide in here.

Ryan: It's kind of dark, don't you think?

Meg: Think of it as romantic.

She played the old record player and plays 1920's pop music

Meg: See? Even the music is romantic.

Ryan: Hm. How do I turn it off?

Meg: Oh, it's all right. Just leave it on.

Ryan: I can barely see. I'll let some moonlight in.

They go to open french doors

Meg: Oh, Ryan, it's breathtaking, don't you think?

Tino: I guess so, yeah.

Meg: This the least bit romantic to you?

A ghostly wind blow out the candles making everything go dark

Ryab: Great! The light goes out Let's try and find some matches. Meg? Meg?

He heard Crash screams in horror

Ryan: What is going on?!

They saw a Crash clothes with a Knife

Sci-Ryan: Crash got knife! Oh, he shouldn't have gone it alone.

Ryan: Who could have done this?

Sci-Ryan: Sunset, where were you?

Meg: It was dark, so I went to find a flashlight. See?

Ryan: Oh, okay.

Jake: Maybe it was Ryan-Ko and his friends.

Ryan: It couldn't be them.

Jake: Why not?

Ryan: Because they're right there.

They saw him and his friends clothes look ruined

Ryan: Somebody hurt them!

Meg: Wait, are we sure they're gone?

A lightning bolt vaporizes them

All: (Scream)

Ryan: Oh! Yep, pretty sure.

Meg: And where have you been, Emmet?

Emmet: Oh, uh, I got distracted by a butterfly, and, uh…

Meg: A butterfly? Really? That's the best you could come up with?

Ivy: Oh! I love butterflies.

Jake: Grab that murderous Emmet!

The power goes out again

Ryan: I swear, this power has the worst sense of timing.

The power's back on again

Ivy: Which way did Emmet go?

Ryan: What's that next to Crash? Is that a footprint?

Ryan: It is? Where's are the others?

Tino, Sunset and Sci-Ryan went off and step on something

Ryan: Ew! Watch out, guys. I just rolled through a puddle.

Meg: Puddle of what?

Sci-Ryan: I don't know. But it looks like... (Gasp) They're dead! Jake still barely alive.

Ryan: Who did this to you and the others, Jake? Was it Emmet?

Jake: The-The murderer is…

A lightning bolt shock Jake and turning him to ash, Meg and Tino scream

Meg: Seriously? I mean, we're indoors.

RyanWe need to find Emmet quick.

Meg: Um, Ryan…

They saw all the Lego body piece's

Ryan: No! Not Emmet and the others!

Sci-Ryan: They're gone.

Ryan: Well, at least they died in peace.

Meg: Wait. We're the only ones left.

Sci-Ryan: The murderer has to be one of us.

They bring their weapons

Meg: What now?

Ryan: I guess we all stay right here until the murderer forks over a confession. (laughs)

Sci-Ryan: (laughs deeply) Oh! I don't feel so good.

Ryan: Whoa! I know who the killer is.

Meg: It is Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: Is it Meg?

Ryan: Double no.

He unmasked him and it was Beetlejuice

Meg: Beetlejuice! It was you?!

Beetlejuice: My plan was brilliant, perfectly executed. How did you know it was me?

Ryan: Well, I'll tell you. Excuse me. I noticed something afoot when Sci-Ryan say anything. Plus his familiar laugh suddenly sounded a lot like someone else's familiar laugh.

Beetlejuice: (flashback) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Ryan: Besides, he wouldn't say after we got here.

Beetlejuice: But when I faked my own death, you discovered my clothes and everything.

Eyan: Ah, that was not your clothes. But as we saw in the Statue Room, you do have a spare clothes laying around.

Beetlejuice: But my disguise… it was uncanny!

Ryan: Yes, an amateur's costume would have a telltale zipper or seam, but not one sewn by a professor pursuing his master's in costuming.

Beetlejuice: (groans) Done in by my own proficiency with a needle. Curses!

Meg: But wait, if it was just a disguise, where's the real Sci-Ryan?

He moves a candle holder which makes the fireplace move, first it reveals everyone is still alive

Ryan: Whoa!

Meg: Yay!

Beetlejuice: No! You've discovered that all the murders were actually just special effects. But in my defense, how else is a professor of theatrical design supposed to hone his craft?

Ryan: Why?

Beetlejuice: You see… I invited you all here tonight to unwittingly be part of my thesis presentation, but now that you've uncovered everything, I'll be happy.

Ryan: Sorry. Sounds like you're out of luck.

Beetlejuice: You solved the mystery, Ryan.

Ryan: Yes!

Then a Portal appeared

Meg: But I still have one question. You deduced the murderer wasn't Sci-Ryan, but how did you know it wasn't me?

Ryan: Aw, it's easy. You're the nicest person I know. Of course it wasn't you.

Meg: This fire makes for some romantic lighting, don't you think?

Ryan: Yeah. And how about you Ryan-Ko?

Ryan-Ko: Huh.

Ryan: Geez, let me get word in edgewise, Chatty Kathy.

Ryan-Ko: I'm getting ready.


Ryan-Ko: I live in my Reality, not yours.

Ryan: Well, see ya.

Ryan-Ko: Do what you want. I hope we will meet again.

He left to the Portal

Ryan: Man, His Reality must be a I had soap opera.

Rianna: Tell me about it, Ansem.

Ryan: I guess Ryan-Ko could find in his heart that he needs friends.

[Ryalight shows up]

Ryalight Glimmer: What a joke. Sora and you are the ones who made your heart a prison, Sci-Ryan.

Sci-Ryan: Ryalight! What are you talking about?

[Next to Ryalight, Vanitas and Evil Matau T. Monkey appears]

Ryalight, Evil Matau and Vanitas: Even if you are not the prisoner.

[Sci-Ryan rubs his eyes in confusion as Ryalight leaves by a portal]

Alvin: Sci-Ryan? You ok?

Sci-Ryan: Yeah.

[as his friends go to a portal, Sci-Ryan wonders what Ryalight said]

Sci-Ryan: [voice] Sora's and my hearts a prison? Nah.

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