They arrived in this world

Cody: We are in Okoto?

And they saw Tahu and the Toa

Ryan: Tahu?

Tahu: Ryan? Great to see you.

Cody: What's happening?

Pohato: Umarak and Nurse Nancy Cortex is looking for a crystal and the gold weaon with Doctor Neo Cortex.

Cody: We'll help you stop them.

Gandalf: I hope you know what your doing, Ryan.

They went off to stop Umarak and the other and they found them

Umarak: Well. Well. Ryan the Toa of darkness.

Ryan: Where's the Crystal and the gold weapon?

Nancy: Looking for stuff for Vortech and Ryvine.

Cody: No way, jose.

Crash: You don't get away with it.

Cortex: Darn you, Crash Bandicoot!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Cortex: You think.. you won? The next time you see me, Ryan.. Ryvine will start a Keyblade war to cover the worlds in darkness. [Laughs crazily] Oh. I love to laugh.

They escaped to the Portal

Ryan: We better go now.

Tahu: See you soon.

They wave goodbye to them and left to the Portal

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