Here is the scene where G-Merl and Danielle enters the Dinosaur Jungle in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

G-Merl: Where are we?

Danielle: I don't know? It looks like we're in the jungle.

G-Merl: Whatever it is. It looks cool. (Then G-Merl bumps into a rock) What the?

Danielle: What is it?

G-Merl: I don't know, that rock came out of nowhere.

Danielle: (Sees something) I don't think it's a rock.

(It reveals to be a armored dinosaur called Ankylosaurus walking)

G-Merl: What the?

(G-Merl and Danielle goes outside of the trees to see the view of the Dinosaurs like a group of Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, Iguanodons, Pachyrhinosaurus, Ankylosaurus and other plant eater dinosaurs and there's also a group of Pteranodons flying by)

G-Merl: Are those? Dinosaurs!

Danielle: I though there extinct.

G-Merl: I though so too.

(Suddenly a dinosaur came out nowhere attack the two heroes reveal to be a group of Velociraptors)

Danielle: What are those things?

G-Merl: There Velociraptors! And they're carnivores, and they eat meat! Run!

(They run as the group of Raptors goes after them until they came across a cliff and ended up in a dead end)

G-Merl: Aww, Nuts!

Danielle: We're trapped!

(Then the raptors appears ready to attack G-Merl and Danielle)

Danielle: Looks like we're gonna fight them!

G-Merl: Look!

(They look to see a Pteranodon flying by)

G-Merl: Jump!

(The raptors attack but G-Merl and Danielle jumps off and hops on the Pteranodon)

G-Merl: That was close. Looks like I'm gonna drive that flying dinosaur.

(G-Merl drives the Pteranodon)

Danielle: Look out!

(The flying black creatures attack the Pteranodon carrying G-Merl and Danielle on it's back. G-Merl fires a cannon to blast the flying black creatures off)

G-Merl: Time to get out of here!

(As there about to escape one of the black creatures fires a gun and shoots down the Pteranodon, G-Merl and Danielle falls off and crash on the ground while the Pteranodon ended up going to crash in the lake and gets eaten by Sarcosuchus)

G-Merl: Go!

(The black creatures goes after G-Merl & Danielle in the jungle)

Danielle: There ganging on us!

G-Merl: Don't look back that will slow you down!

(They run as fast as they can until more black creatures showed up cornered G-Merl & Danielle)

Danielle: That's not good.

G-Merl: Looks like we're gonna fight.

(As there about to fight, the black creatures suddenly run off)

Danielle: There running away?

G-Merl: Something scared them away.

Danielle: Uh, G-Merl.

(They look to see one of the most dangerous and deadliest carnivore dinosaur in the world was the Tyrannosaurus Rex who scared the black creatures away)

G-Merl: Don't move. The T-Rex can't see us if we don't move.

Danielle: Uh, that only works on movies like Jurassic Park. In real life they have better visual acuity than eagles and hawks.

G-Merl: Okay, run!

(They run away with the T-Rex lets out a roar and chases after G-Merl & Danielle)

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