This is how Our Heroes went to the Goonies world and how they bring Courage home in Weekenders Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

Our Heroes came out of the Portal and it scared Courage

Courage: Ah!!!

Tino: Courage! It's ok. We are your friends.

Courage: Phew!

Noby: What are you doing here?

Courage: Well, I was on my way to save Muriel from that guy!

It was Plankton

Plankton: Hello, heroes.

Tino: Let go of her!

Plankton: No thanks.

Muriel: Courage!

He takes her away

Tino: We have to save her!

Courage: Good thing I have him with me.

Emmet: Who?

Courage: Sloth.

He show up

Courage: I met him, and he wants to help me find Muriel.

Sloth: Yeah!

Tino: Okay, let's go stop Plankton.

They set off to save Muriel and they made it

Gandalf: Let her go!

Plankton: I can't. Because you're going to face my Robot!

Tino: Oh, you want a fight? Fine!

They are fighting him and he defeated him and save Muriel

Plankton: I will return, Weekenders. I went to college!

He went to the Portal, Courage and Muriel went back home and our Heroes went to another dimension