Our Heroes came out of the Portal and it scared Courage

Mario: Ah!!!

RyanMario! It's ok. We are your friends.

Mario: Phew!

Matau: What are you doing here?

Mario: Well, I was on my way to save Peach from that guy!

It was Octavio

Octavio: Hello, heroes.

RyanLet go of her!

Octavio: No thanks.

Peach: Mario!

He takes her away

Ryan: We have to save her!

Mario: Good thing I have him with me.

Emmet: Who?

Mario: Sloth.

He show up

Mario: I met him, and he wants to help me find Peach.

Sloth: Yeah!

Ryan: Okay, let's go stop Octavio.

They set off to save her and they made it

Gandalf: Let her go!

Octavio: I can't. Because you're going to face me!

Ryan: Oh, you want a fight? Fine!

They are fighting him and he defeated him and save Peach

Octavio: I will return, Heroes.

He went to the Portal, Mario and Peachuriel went back home and our Heroes went to another dimension

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