This is how Our Heroes came the Gremlins world and how they take Phineas and Ferb back home in Weekenders Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

[Our Heroes has came out of the Portal]

Tino: Now where are we, Sunset?

Sunset Shimmer: I don't know.

They saw Gizmo

Gizmo: Gizmo like you.

Tino: Um... Thanks? I guess.

?????: Gizmo, where are you?

It was Phineas and Ferb

Tino: Phineas? Ferb?

Phineas: Tino? I never knew you're here too.

Tino: I thought so too.

Phineas: And I see you met Gizmo, right? Yeah, me and Ferb met him before you arrived.

Tino: I see, so what happened here?

Phineas: I think there's trouble in Gizmo's World.

Tino: So you need our help for Gizmo?

Phineas: Yeah, that's right.

Tino: Alright, you got it!

Phineas: Thanks, come on.

They went off and they saw Stripe coming up for a Plan

Stripe: What will Gizmo

Our Heroes look shock for what Stripe said. He is planning to take over the World

Robotboy: Robotboy stop grenlin.

Tommy: I don't think you could, there's too many of his minions.

Robotgirl: Gremlins hates bright lights!

Sunset Shimmer: I'll get a camera.

Sunset takes the camera to all the Gremlins

Minutes later, Phineas sets the explosive set on the boiler in the theatre , then the gang got out just in time before the theatre explodes and kills the gremlins except Stripe

Phineas: We need to do something for him.

They enter the shop as Homer

Stripe: Homer, caca.

Homer: Camera? Yes!

They take camera at him and they defeated him

Stripe: OW!

Tino: I think we did it.

Phineas: Great!

They take Phineas and Ferb home and our Heroes went to another dimension