Here is how our heroes goes into the Gremlins world and Gizmo joins the team in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

[In the Gremlins World, the gang comes out of a portal]

Ryan F-Freeman: Here we are.

Red (Angry Birds): Remember what Gandalf said, guys.

Chuck (Angry Birds): I guess this world is new.

Bomb (Angry Birds): Maybe we could ask someone.

[So, the gang looks for someone to ask]

Sci-Mary Beth: Hi.

Billy Peltzer: Friends of yours, Mary?

Crash Bandicoot: Who is that girl?

Crash Bandicoot (EG): And this might be the Gremlins world.

Thomas: Good world guessing, Crash.


Sci-Mary Beth:

Sir Daniel Fortesque (EG):

Sci-Mary Beth:

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, guys. Break it up. No sin showing.

[Gizmo looks at Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Aww. You're a cute. Hello.

Gizmo: Hello.

Sci-Ryan: What is that? Some kind of cat?!

Gizmo: Cat.

Sci-Mary Beth: so what happened here?

Billy: I think there's trouble in Gizmo's World.

Ryan: So you need our help for Gizmo?

Billy: Yeah, that's right.

Ryan: Alright, you got it!

Billy: Thanks, come on.

They went off and they saw Stripe coming up for a Plan

Stripe: What will Gizmo

Our Heroes look shock for what Stripe said. He is planning to take over the World

Ryan: We need to stop Stripe.

Billy: I don't think you could, there's too many of his minions.

Crasj: Gremlins hates bright lights!

Meg: I'll get a camera.

She takes the camera to all the Gremlins

Minutes later, Phineas sets the explosive set on the boiler in the theatre , then the gang got out just in time before the theatre explodes and kills the gremlins except Stripe

Billy: We need to do something for him.

They enter the shop as Homer

Stripe: Homer, caca.

Homer: Camera? Yes!

They take camera at him and they defeated him

Stripe: OW!

Ryan: I think we did it.

They left this world

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