Here is how the gang

In the world of Harry Potter,

Ryan F-Freeman:

Batman: And why is the houses look.. funny?


Adagio Dazzle: I hope Buddy is here.

Cody Fairbrother: Remember. No touching stuff or sin showing.

Gandalf the Grey: Cody's right. We don't want anyone turned into stone.

Bertram T. Monkey:


Ryan: What the? Are these Potions?

Laval: Hey, look.

They saw Harry, Hugo, Rita, Human Crash and Ryan Tokisaki picked up all the Potions

Harry Potter: Ryan? Is that you? It's great to see you, can you help me pick those Potions up?

RyanYeah, but what those Potions from?

Harry Potter: They were belong to Professor Quirrel, and I have give those back to him.

Sunset Shimmer: Where's Hermione and Ron?

Harry Potter: They were at Potion's Class. And they were with Lupin, come on.

Hours Later

They got all the Potions back

Professor Slughorn: Oh. You got all the Potions back.

Bad Cop: I hope these potions are useful, Quirrel.

Professor Slughorn: I see, but those were the Potions that has been stolen.

All: Stolen!?

Harry Potter: From Who?

Professor Slughorn: He Who Must Not Be Named.

Then Ginny came out

Harry Potter: Ginny, what's wrong?

Ginny Weasley: Death Eaters! They're taking all the Magic's and Item from the Students!

Harry Potter: What!? We have get those back! Come on!

They went the Courtyard and they saw them took all the Potions and Item's

Harry Potter: Ginny, was right! We have to get those Potions back!

Crash: Let's do this!

They are fighting them and they defeated them and they got all the Potions back, but they were ruined

Ron: We did it.

Owen Grady: Except those Potions.

Emmet: They look ruiner

Matau: And we have to clean this up?

Then Neville appeared

Neville: Someone help! Please! Someone stole the Godric Sword! It's gone now!

Meg: What happen?

Odette: Who took it?

Rigby (EG): Did someone hurt you?

Neville: Yeah, someone knocked me out and took the sword.

Ivy: Can tell us who it was?

Neville: That Boy knocked me out and he's from Slytherin.

Harry Potter: I know, Draco Malfoy. We have to find him.

Cragger: Ok, Harry.

Gandalf: That Boy is trouble.

Wyldstyle: He'll get a Detention for this.

Batman: Let's do this.

They found him messing with the book

Eris: Hey!

Ryan: What are you doing?

Draco: Just Torned everything in the Library.

Hermione: You cannot Torned the Books, it's not nice!

CrashNow where is the sword?

Draco: If you want it back, fight!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Cody: Tell us, where the sword.

Batman: (in Megatron's voice) Or else.

Draco: Okay, okay! I gave the Sword to Voldermort.

Ryan: So where is he?

Draco: I don't know! He vanished to somewhere.

Sunset: What should we do?

Harry: We better go see Dumbledore.

Tino: Let's go.

They went to his Office.

Dumbledore: Harry Potter. Is there something you need?

Harry Potter: Dumbledore. Voldermort took all the Students Potions and Magic's. And we need to get them back.

Dumbledore: I see. Death Eater's is coming, we need to have a plan.

Ryan: There must be someway we should do.

Sci-Ryan: We can fight them.

Sunset Shimmer: Like what? I can't fight without a wand.

Odette: We need to do something.

Ryan: I know! I don't we make Some Potions! Maybe we can follow Death Eaters!

Crash: He's right! Let's do it!

Matau: Let's make some Potions!

Cody: Leave it to me.

Eris: Let's get those ingredients!

They went to the Potions Class and they making Potions and they finished them all

Ryan: All done!

Harry Potter: Not quite.

Cody: There's more?

Harry Potter: Don't worry, I'll think of something.

Ryan: Like what, Harry?

Harry Potter: I'll sort out of all those Potions we made, you better see Dumbledore.

They went off

Dumbledore: Have you finish all the Potions?

Ryan: Yeah, and we're waiting for Harry.

CrashNow, all we need to do is to find out their hideout.

Harry Potter: I have returned.

Hours Later

Dumbledore takes them to the Forbidden Forest

Dumbledore: This Forest should do it, and you have make sure they don't find you. And Harry. What is your plan?

Harry Potter: I've got it figured it out.

Dumbledore: You do?

Harry Potter: Yes. And I also have a good idea. If we find all the Potions and the Magic back, I would be honoured to get some from-

Ryan shut his mouth

Ryan: And that deal, we will be going.

Harry Potter: (muffled) What are you doing? Let me go!

They went to the forest

Moment later

Eris: Ouch, careful!

Crash: Sorry.

Sci-Ryan: It's not my fault

Harry Potter: Patient, everybody.

Ryan: Shhh.

Evil Anna: Ouch, stop it!

They're inside a Box for their plan

Bertram: Careful.

Odette: It was me, is it?

Ryan: How come we have to be the bait?

Harry Potter: It's a good plan, right?

Sunset: Ouch! Stop it!

Sonata: My bad.

Then they heard someone, they have to be quiet and they jump out of the box

All: Got ya!

Wyldstyle: What the heck?!

Voldermort: Harry Potter.

Harry Potter: I knew it was you, Voldermort!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Voldermort: You defeated me, I'll take my leave.

He went to the Portal with the Godric Griffindor's Sword

Ryan: He got away.

Ron: At least, we got everything back.

Aria: I guess, we are. come on, let's go back to Hogwarts.

They are heading back

Hugo: Hey, Ryan? Where you get that coat?

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