This is how our Heroes went to the LEGO Movie World and Hill Valley in Ryan's Quest: Chain of Memories.

Our Heroes arrived in Bricksburg and they saw Emmet and Bad Cop look in a Hurry

Emmet: Hurry up!

Bad Cop: I am!

And then they bump into Ryan and his friends

Ryan: Careful, you two.

Emmet: Sorry.

Ryan: Look in a hurry, What's wrong?

Bad Cop: We were trying to find our friends from Lord Business and we have to hurry and find them in Bricksburg

Ryan: Hmm, looks like you need some help, right?

Emmet: Yeah, can you help us?

Ryan: Alright, you lead the way.

Emmet: Sure.

They went and they see Unikitty, Batman and Benny in Emmet's Apartment

Emmet: Guys, what are you doing in my Apartment?

Benny: To stay hidden from Lord Business.

Batman: So we have to use your apartment for this.

Unikitty: And it look so pretty.

Emmet: Okay, so what's going on?

Benny: All the People around Bricksburg lost all their memories and they thought the Masterbuilder took them.

Emmet: That's crazy! We didn't took them.

Batman: I know, but who's the culprit?

Emmet: We'll find out, and hey, where's Wyldstyle?

Unikitty: She isn't with you? Oh no, don't tell us she on her own?

Emmet: Yeah, well, let's go find her.

Bad Cop: Come on.

They went off to find her and they found her unconscious from the Heartless

Emmet: Wyldstyle!

Bad Cop: We have to save her!

They save her

Emmet: Lucy?

Ryan: She's knock out, and I think she'll be okay.

Emmet: Alright, let's go of here, before-

A flash has blinded them and Wyldstyle is gone

Emmet: What was that? Hey, where's Wyldstyle?!

?????: Right here.

It was Lord Business and he's holding her

Emmet: Lord Business. How did you find us?

Lord Business: Look at Bad Cop's Ankle.

Bad Cop got Tracking device on his ankle

Benny: Oh no! He must be tracking us from that Device!

Bad Cop removed it and smash it to pieces

Bad Cop: I can't believe it!

Lord Business: Well, I can take my leaving, Chao.

He left with Wyldstyle

Emmet: I can't believe, this happen.

Ryan: You can't just give up, Wyldstyle need you, Emmet.

Emmet: I know, but I don't know what to do....

Ryan: You can anything that you want to save Wyldstyle, beside she need you, Emmet. And you need to save her. So stop being sad, and do something.

Emmet: I know... but how can i.... Wait! I got it! Everyone, I got a plan for us to stop Lord Business.

Hours Later

Evil Ryan: Lord Business, come on! We surrender!

He appeared

Lord Business: You are?

Ryan: Yes! We are!

Lord Business: Finally! What, where's Brickowski?

Benny: Emmet, Now!

Then Emmet stop Lord Business and save Wyldstyle

Lord Business: What the!? What's going on!?

Ryan: Got ya, Lord Business! Looks like you've been fooled! We are going to distract you, so Emmet can ruined your plans!

Emmet: And I let them fool you, So I can Save Wyldstyle. Looks like you're out of plan.

Lord Business: That's it! You ask for it!

They are fight him and they defeated him

Hours Later

Ryan: Looks like everything is back to normal now.

Emmet: Yeah. Well, time for me to head home.

Ryan: You sure you don't want to come with us?

Emmet: Yeah, but take this.

He give a card of himself to Ryan

Emmet: You can call me anytime you want.

Ryan: I will, and I hope you can have great memories with your friends.

Emmet: Yeah, See ya.

They left Bricksburg and they were in Hill Valley, and they saw Marty holding a Box full of Blueprints

Ryan: Hey, where are you going?

Marty: I'm going to give those Blueprint to Doc's Place. And I have to hurry, now.

Ryan: Can we help you? You drop all the Blueprints along the way.

Marty: Oh my bad, please help me.

They pick them up and went to Doc's House and they made it here

Evil Ryan: Finally, that's all the Blueprints we been holding. My hand is not good.

Doc: Thank you for bringing those Blueprint to me.

He look at Invention Piece and noticed something missing

Doc: Great Scott! I forgot the Tools and the Metals. For my Inventions!

Ryan: Where did you put them, Doc?

Doc: I must have to get those from the store, and even though, the Expo will begin in 3 Hours.

Ryan: Don't worry, we'll get those for you.

Doc: Thank you.

They went off to get those and they find out that all the Tools and Metals has been sold out

Ryan: What? Sold out?

They saw the Heartless take all the Metals and Tools

Ryan: Hey!

Crash: Heartless! Give those back!

They are fighting them and they did it and they got all the Tools and Metals back

Marty: Thanks.

Then Biff took the Tools and Metals from our Heroes

Ryan: Hey!!! Those were ours!

Marty: Boot! Give us back!

They chase after him and he saw him scared from a Giant Heartless

Ryan: Great! Now have to deal with this.

They are fighting it and they defeated it

Hours Later

Doc has finish his Inventions

Doc: It's finally complete!

Marty: What was it?

Doc: I called it the Flavour Ice Cream and Jelly Machine! I got all the fruits inside the Machine, and I hope I can win this Expo.

Ryan: Great! And it's time for us to go. Hope you win the Expo.

Doc: Ok, Ryan. See you soon.

They left and they are back in Castle Oblivion

Sci-Ryan: Aw... I hope the Optimus and the other is gonna be okay...

Ryan: Why bring that up?

Matau: I had to be sure that I hadn't forgotten him.

Crash: How'd that go for ya?

Sci-Ryan: Good! I remembered---we're on a quest to find Optimus and the others.

Crash: I remember that too. They helped save everything by staying on the other side of the door to darkness. I think...

Sci-Ryan: You got it, Crash!


Ryan: And me--- I'm looking for my brother. He was with the Optimus, Zig and Bumblebee when the door closed. Hm. I guess there's no way we'll forget the most important memories.

Crash: That's good. 'Cause I don't want to forget...

They leave the Exit Hall.


In another room inside the castle. Axel and a woman wearing a similar black coat are standing near a crystal ball

Larxene: You seem pretty intrigued by this Ryan kid.

Axel: Are you telling me you're not, Larxene?

Larxene giggles

Larxene: Haven't decided yet... I think what intrigues me more is what you see in him.

Axel: There was a time he became a Heartless. And if one becomes a Heartless---

Larxene: They lose their minds and their feelings... They're consumed by the darkness.

Axel: Right. But not Ryan. He held on to his feelings, even as a Heartless. And there's only one other man who's been able to do just that.

Larxene: It's the strength of his heart... That's what interests you. Why the Keyblade chose Ryan's heart.

Axel: To unlock the mysteries of the heart. Isn't that the Organization's mission?

Larxene snickers.

Back to our Heroes

Crash: Hey, I wonder if there's anything we've forgotten...

Bertram: Hmm... If we did, what would it have been?

They think for a moment

Evil Anna: I can't think of anything, so maybe that means that I really am losing my memories.

Evil Ryan looks sad

Crash: But whatever they were, they couldn't have been very important memories, right?

Ryan: Right, or else I don't think you would have forgotten it.

Ryan takes out a star made out of gem

Ryan: Look.

Crash: What is it?

Ryan: A good luck charm Meg gave me. It's special to her, so I promised that I would return it. I'll never forget making that promise. It's why I could never forget Meg.

They nod

Ryan: Am I right, Meg?

Ryan sees an image of Meg in his head. They smile at each other. Then a girl appears behind him

Ryan: Huh?!

Ryan looks back but the girl disappears

Ryan: Oh... Do I know...that girl?

Crash: Hey, Ryan. Where did you go?

Ryan: Sorry. Never mind.

Matau: We better keep goin'.

He use the Card and went to the door

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