Our Heroes were at the Airport with Ethan, Kim, Ron for their Vacation

Kim: Oh, Ethan, I can't believe we're actually going on vacation. And the resort has so many activities! Parasailing, snorkeling, Bellacore Printing Company East Medford New Jersey

Then Ethan got a Phone Call

Ethan: Yes? Sir! I'm on vacation with my friends... Well, okay I could access the surveillance cameras with my phone.

Ron: Ethan! You promised us! No work on vacation!

Ethan: Ok. I'm sorry. Can't talk now, on Vacation.

They are now in a Tropical Island

Ethan: Are you sure, we should do this?

Ryan: Ethan, It's a Vacation, you should have a Day off.

Then his phone starts ringing and it's Luther Stickell

Ethan: It's Luther Stickwell.

Kim: Ethan, what have we told you.

Ethan: No work on Vacation. I promise. I'll take picture of me, the cop and send a Picture to him.

Kim: Okay, just be quick.

1 Hours later

Bad Cop, Ethan are playing tennis with Kim And Ron

Bad Cop: How long we have to do this?

Ethan: After we finished this.

Then Ethan heard his Phone ringing

Kim: Come on, no phone call!

He hit the Ball and it went to the Ocean

Kim: I'll go get one.

She went to get another ball and Ethan picked up the phone

Bad Cop: What are you doing?

Ethan Hunt: I have a Call with Luthen, plesde don't tell you're friends.

Bad Cop: Don't worry, I will keep a secret to you.

Ethan Hunt: Thanks.

He picked up the phone

Ethan: Yes, Luthen?

Luthen: Ethan, Remember that Picture you send me. Yes, I saw a Man in the Background and I saw him tossing all the Files to the Portal thing and it was Jim.

Ethan Hunt: What?! He survived?! That's Impossible!

Luther: I know, it is. I want you to eliminated him.

Ethan Hunt: But Luther, I'm on Vacation and I promise Kim and Ron, that I won't work.

Luther: Ethan, are you insane! You have eliminated him right now with your two Friends. And I'll give you a Whole Month Off.

Ethan Hunt: Really?

Luthen: Well?

Ethan Hunt: I'll do it!

Bad Cop: Should we tell the others?

Ethan Hunt: We can't, we have make their Vacation great. We have to let them not know.

Bad Cop: Okay, I guess the two of us will have to do it.

They went off him and he saw playing with the Dolphins

Bad Cop: Just stay from him, Sweet Dolphins.

But he accidentally shot the Dolphins

Bad Cop: Oops!

 Ethan accidentally shot the Dolphins

Ethan: My Bad!

He accidentally shot another Dolphins again

Ethan Hunt: Sorry!

Ryan: Guys!

The two of them hide their weapons

Ryan: While you're not here, you miss the Spa resorts.

Ethan Hunt: Well, since we're here. Let's the Dolphins experience.

Manager: Sorry, it's close.

Rianna: Oh well.

They were relaxing the Beach

Ethan Hunt: Um, Rianna, we'll get you some sunblock for your skin.

Rianna: I already have one. A NEXO Knight is prepared for anything.

Bad Cop: Well, get you something to drink.

RyanGuys, it's fine. Beside, we spend our Vacations today.

Bad Cop: We're just hungry, Me and Ethan will get some.

They ran off and Ryan saw Ethan's Phone and it say "Eliminated the Target, Ethan and Bad Cop". And Ryan looks angry that they're working on Vacation

Ryan: Oh, why that little-

Then another Message say "And send more pictures of the Ladies"


Bad Cop and Ethan are gonna use their Taser gun

Ryan: Guys!

Bad Cop, Ethan saw Our Heroes looks angry because they were working

Ethan: Yikes!

RyanYou tried to hurt someone, on our Vacations!

Ethan Hunt: How do you know?

Laval: Ryan, saw the Message on your Phone.

Emmet: We're with Ryan on that one.

Ethan: Look everyone, the guy that we are was a Criminal, he survived from the Plane and now I have to eliminated him.

Ron: Well, I guess we have finish this.

Ethan Hunt: Wait, "We"?

Ryan: Ethan, we're your Friends and we always have to help you, no matter what. And we have to get rid of this guy. Now who are we gonna eliminated him.

Ethan: Jim Phelps.

RyanThat Man from the Background you send to Luthen, I really like that guy, he always talks about my surfing... I'm gonna give him a Wedgie for this.

Ethan Hunt: Whoa, Kid.

Bad Cop: Guys, are you sure we should do this? Me and Ethan doesn't want you guys to be involved.

Ryan: Look, as soon as we get rid of him, we can resume our Vacations.

Emmet: Oh, and one more thing, we're the Cruise, because it's gonna leave till sunset.

Ethan Hunt: What are you doing?

Jake: I'm pretending to shot the people they I hate. Bam. Bam. I got that jerk. Bam. Bam. Shouldn't do that a long time ago.

Minutes later

Ryan is having a tennis with Jim Phelps

Ryan: Thank for the Tennis Racket.

Jim: You're welcome.

RyN hear something on his ear plug

Laval: Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah.

Laval: Would you hold him one place, Ethan said, he and Dora Kid didn't get a clear shot.

Ryan: But I can beat this guy.

Laval: We're trying to eliminated him!

Ryan: Fine.

He hit the Ball in the Air and Ethan gonna shot him but the Monkey got his gun

Ethan Hunt: Hey, give it back!

Laval: Ethan, what's happen? Why don't you shot him?

Ethan Hunt: A Monkey got my gun!

RyanThat's it! I'll do this!

He beat him up with a Tennis Racket

Emmet: Oh my G-O-S-H!

Jim: Ryan! Ow! What are you doing!?

Ryan: You're Jim Phelps! You are working with Lord Vortech, You stole the Files to him! And you ruined my Vacation, Now eat this!

Bad Cop: Ok, Jim. We can do this the easy way or the...

Then Ethan drop his Gun and Jim got Ethan's Gun

Jim: Do you think you could kill me? I have my henchmen with me.

Bad Cop: You took the hard way. Let's get them! Fire!

Ryan: Guys, what do we do? Guys?

He and Bad Cop saw them running

Ethan: Run!

They are running away from them and they were on a Cruise and they are safe

Ryan: We lost them. I think.

Then the gun noise

All: (Scream)

They the person open the Bottle with corks that make a gun noise

All: Phew.

Then Jim appeared with his henchmen and he shot Bad Cop

Ethan: Bad Cop! You jerk!

He is fighting him

Ethan: You shot him!

Then Jim drop the Gun and the Bad Cop picked up and Ethan look shocked, that he still alive

Ethan: Bad Cop? How?

He show him a Bullet-proof Vest on his Chest

Ryan: I knew he has a Bullet proof Vest.

Ethan: See you, Jim.

After they got rid of him, all of his Henchmen has been arrested

Kim: You think you can take us home, Ryan?

Ryan: Alright, time to take you back home.

A Portal appeared and Kim and Ron went back home and Our Heroes are going back

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