They arrived in this world


Then they saw Casey Fairbrother and Sci-Rianna with Collide Bandicoot

Rianna: Hey, you guys.

Casey: Hey.

Ryan: What happening to this world?

Collide: Jestro is serching for my toy sword. We can join you, Ryan.

Ryan: Don't worry, we can put a stop of this.

They went off to find the Foundation Elements and Jestro and they found him

Ryan: There you are! Where's the sword?

Jestro: I'll send the sword to Vortech now.

Collide: Give me my toy sword back!

Jestro: No way. Let's fight.

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Ryan: [grabs the toy sword] Sorry, Jestro. But your quest is canceled.

Jestro: One stupid foundation Element cannot help you. When Lord Vortech and his brother Ryvine comes for you and Sora. You and the worlds are as doomed as me.

He escaped to the Portal

Ryan: We'll see.

They went to the Portal

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