They arrived in this and everyone is running away from the Robot

Ryan: What's going on?

Then the Powerpuff girls appeared

Blossum: Ryan, I knew you and your friends are here.

Ryan: What happened in Townsville?

Buttercup: Mojo JoJo has taken over the city.

Bubble: And we need some help.

Cody: Don't worry, we'll help you stop him!

They went off to find Mojo JoJo and they found him

Mojo: Look who's here.

Ryan: Mojo Jojo.


Cody: Where did the Sugar, Spice and Everything nice go?

Mojo: On thier way to Ryvine's brother. Lord Vortech.

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Ryan: Well, we did it. But the Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice he send to Lord Vortech is gone.

Blossum: Don't worry, we'll take of Townsville while you go after the Villain.

Ryan: Yeah. See you later.

They wave goodbye to the Powerpuff girl and went to the Portal

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